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  • See my Lawyer marks the fourth and final appearance in a Universal Movie by Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson.The Boys are up to their usual antics, first trying to break a contract with a night club owner with the help of some starving lawyers.Then having to use the same lawyers to save them from a lawsuit from the man they bought the night club from.The boys act and the show is Circus themed.Needless to say when they go to Court it really does become a three ringed Circus.As usual there is interspersed many wonderful specialty acts.The Nat King Cole Trio and Carmen Amaya and her Troupe are in fine form.The Rogers Adagio Trio are unique act,a comedy Ballroom Acrobatic Trio that even as you see it,it is hard to believe some of the things they manage to pull off.Sad to say this the hardest of Olsen and Johnson films to find,but it is worth the effort. I am glad to say they get to finish their movie career in great form.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This hysterical B musical farce is one of the comic sleepers of the golden age of film, a spoof of the legal industry and a lively attack on frivolous lawsuits. Olsen and Johnson play themselves (who else could they play?), aiding a struggling law firm by creating all sorts of havoc in Franklin Pangborn's nightclub which leads to customers filing suit for damages due to their craziness. But by a twist of fate, they end up owners of the club, unaware that by owning it, the lawsuits become theirs as well.

    Some terrific specialties interrupt the silliness which may not be in the extreme of "Hellzapoppin'" but are very funny none the less. Nothing has changed in Olsen and Johnson's schtick but the year, and surrounded by equally funny character men Edward Brophy and Pangborn, who steals the show and tops his classic, unforgettable performance in "The Bank Dick".

    I'm sure that the Broadway play this was based upon was not nearly as wild. I'm assuming that it's Marie Harmon who sings a unique version of "I'll Be Seeing You", interspersed among the acrobatic dance number and specialties of Mexican and black performers, all terrific. A hilarious of good old Mary Gordon representing son Brophy in court is delightful. Lee Patrick, as the law firm secretary, has a few good moments. Young Alan Curtis and Grace McDonald don't stand a chance in the straight romantic interest roles surrounded by all this talent.
  • nedcrouch9 February 2001
    I am a student of Flamenco music, and I can tell you that Carmen Amaya is a major talent and genius of the art of Flamenco. Other videos I have seen show her singing and rapping out (nodillos) Flamenco's complex rhythmic patterns with her knuckles on a wood table. Like Nat King Cole and Fred Astaire, she was able to express her music vocally, through dance and with any rhythmic device at her disposal