Barbara Worth: I never could resist anything that belonged to somebody else.

Lady Henrietta Kingsclere: Barbara, are you trying to make a fool of me?

Barbara Worth: Of course not. There's no need.

Lord Kingsclere: He's very lucky with the weather. Must be depressing to be hanged on a damp day.

Barbara Worth: Why did you shoot that horse? I'd rather kill a man any day.

Caroline: I hate cruelty.

Kit Locksby: That's unusual... in a woman.

Barbara Worth: Do you always take women by the throat?

Capt. Jerry Jackson: No, I just take 'em.

Kit Locksby: [to Barbara] For the rest of my life I shall find no other woman who can stir my pulse or tear at my eye strings as you do!

Hogarth: "Vanity of vanity, said the preacher. All is vanity." Ecclesiastes chapter one, verse two. Or is it three?

Barbara Worth: [of Caroline] Still the same self-sacrificing little ninny...

Barbara Worth: I want a house, children. All the things that I never thought would matter.