Both Margaret Lockwood and Patricia Roc were brought back to "Gainsborough" to re-shoot some of their scenes with less revealing décolleté versions of their wardrobe. Despite this, "The Wicked Lady (1945)" was the very first British film to be cut by Hollywood censors due to leading lady Margaret Lockwood's still remaining revealing cleavage.

Valerie White was originally cast in the role of highwayman Capt. Jerry Jackson's doxy. The actress developed appendicitis and Jean Kent took over the part. The first scene in which the character appears, Lockwood breaks into the room and Mason's in bed with her; we only actually see her back, and it is White's back we see.

Came ninth in the UK's Ultimate Film, in which films were placed in order of how many seats they sold at cinemas

Griffiths Jones is the father of Nicholas and Gemma Jones who both became actors.

Cousin Agatha was played by Martita Hunt who also starred as Mrs Havisham in David Lean's "Great Expectations."

During the ice skating sequence on the Thames, two cockatoos are shown in a cage. Cockatoos are unique to Australia which hadn't been discovered in the era depicted.