Narrator: But an unusual mistake was made in this race for statehood. A strip of land was completely overlooked... forgotten. It was left without law or sheriff. This strip had no legal basis for government of any kind. And in the closing decade of the Nineteenth Century, it became a hideout for the outlaws who infested the west. No United States Marshal dared venture there. It was called Badman's Territory.

Hodge: Well, Doc?

Doc Grant: I'm afraid he's made his last mistake.

Doc Grant: You'll find the people in Quinto a pretty decent lot on the whole.

Sheriff Mark Rowley: Tha doesn't square with what I've seen so far.

Doc Grant: Oh, it ain't that bad. Men that put away their guns can't argue with the men that still carry them.

The Coyote Kid: Where are you headed for next, Bob?

Bob Dalton: Two banks.

The Coyote Kid: Double-header, huh?

Bill Hampton: You know, I could kill you for what you just done.

The Coyote Kid: Yeah, you've killed a lot for a lot less.

The Coyote Kid: [to Mark] Daggone it, Sheriff, you should have been an outlaw!

Henryette Alcott: I'd advise you to remove that star.

Sheriff Mark Rowley: Well, thanks, but I think I can take care of myself.

Henryette Alcott: The life expectancy of a sheriff can be very short in Quinto.

Sheriff Mark Rowley: Johnny, if you were an outlaw camped down there on the creek and saw a posse coming up behind you, what would you do.

Deputy Sheriff Johnny Rowley: I'd head up this cut to open country where a man could use a fresh horse.

Sheriff Mark Rowley: Right! Now, as a deputy sheriff who's figured out the outlaw's next move.

Deputy Sheriff Johnny Rowley: I'd sneak up behind those trees.

Sheriff Mark Rowley: Right!

Deputy Sheriff Johnny Rowley: And pump lead into 'em as they come up.

Sheriff Mark Rowley: Wrong! A good officer don't kill except in self-defense. The saw says every man has a right to a fair trial.

Deputy Sheriff Johnny Rowley: Outlaws? Train robbers?

Sheriff Mark Rowley: And even murderers. No man's guilty until he's convicted. So try to take your man alive.

Deputy Sheriff Johnny Rowley: But what if he shows fight?

Sheriff Mark Rowley: That's different! Shoot and don't miss!

Sheriff Mark Rowley: I, uh, see that you've been made the favorite.

Belle Starr: Oh, it's not me. It's my horse Beauty, He's everybody's favorite.

Henryette Alcott: Of course, good luck.

Belle Starr: Wanna make a little side bet with me, Sheriff?

Sheriff Mark Rowley: What f'rinstance?

Belle Starr: Oh, money, or marbles... or moonlight.

Sheriff Mark Rowley: [Turning his head] Suppose we just make it a dollar and a half.

[Tips his hat and leaves]

Henryette Alcott: I'm trying to bring some order because I want schools, ranches, churches, hospitals, a courthouse, and a flag. Is there anything wrong with that?

Sheriff Mark Rowley: Nothing except the way you're goin' about it, You may start a local revolution. You can't clean up Quinto with printer's ink, and you can't do it alone.

Sheriff Mark Rowley: [as Jesse is saddlig up] Well, I hope we meet again.

Jesse James: [Smiling] I don't. So long, Rowley.

Sheriff Mark Rowley: So long.

The Coyote Kid: [after Johnny Rowley has jumped out of tree to knock him off his horse] Why you young whippersnapper! Where'd you drop from? A balloon?

Henryette Alcott: [Referring to the plunging neckline on her dress] Meg, you don't think it's cut too low, do you?

Meg: [Sarcastically] It'll never choke you to death.