Marsha: After all, Eileen, you didn't even see him off to the airport, and you haven't written to him. Why the sudden interest now?

Eileen Sawyer: How did I know he was gonna' be a hero? He never did anything like that before.

Marsha: You know, he *might* be serious about this blonde.

Eileen Sawyer: "Serious"? When I get through with him, he'll wish he'd never heard of a blonde - bamboo, bleached, or otherwise.

Patrick Ransom, Jr.: Montana, where's Louise? What's keeping her?

Montana Jones: Sorry, Pat, I'm not supposed to tell ya'.

Patrick Ransom, Jr.: What are you talking about? What's up?

Montana Jones: She said she'd break my neck if I told you she was going to the airport! So I guess I better not tell ya', huh?

Patrick Ransom, Jr.: No, you better not. Thanks, Montana!

[kisses her]