At the time of the newspaper picture, by the markings on the nose of the B-29, the Bamboo Blonde is credited with 19 bombing missions and has shot down 9 Japanese airplanes.

The $3.50 cover charge for the New Club 50 would equate to over $46 in 2016.

Though Frances Langford appeared in numerous films this is the only one where she played the lead.

When Louise is reading about Capt. Ransom in Look magazine, the real cover from the September 18, 1945 issue has been shown. It shows Ingrid Bergman as a nun in the film The Bells of St. Mary's (1945) - another RKO picture.

Based on the short story "Chicago Lulu" (also this film's working title) by Wayne Whittaker in the Saturday Evening Post, April 15, 1944 edition.