Colonel Cavanaugh: By now Mr. Holmes has no doubt exchanged his violin for a harp.

Mrs. Hilda Courtney: Oh, well, assuming that Heaven is his destination.

Watson: I say, Holmes?

Holmes: What?

Watson: It's morning.

Holmes: Allow me to congratulate you on a brilliant bit of deduction.

Watson: Humph, Irene Adler, what a striking looking woman from the brief glance I had of her. Seems only yesterday. What charm. Hmmmm. What poise. And what a mind! Sharp enough and brilliant enough to outwit the-the great Sherlock Holmes himself!

Holmes: I take it that the new issue of the Strand Magazine is out containing another of your slightly lurid tales.

Watson: It is indeed!

Holmes: And what do you call this one?

Watson: I call it "A Scandal in Bohemia." Not a bad title, huh?

Holmes: Hmm. If you must record my exploits, I do wish you would put less emphasis on the melodramatic and more on the intellectual issues involved.

Watson: More on the intel... what do you mean by that?

Holmes: Well I do hope you've given, um, *The* Woman a soul, she had one, you know.

Watson: By *The* Woman, I suppose you mean Irene Adler?

Holmes: Yes... I shall always remember her... as *The* Woman.

[last lines]

Inspector Hopkins: I still don't understand how you solved it, Mr. Holmes.

Holmes: It's entirely due to Doctor Watson. He gave me the clue when he mentioned Doctor Samuel Johnson.

Inspector Hopkins: Well, congratulations, Doctor.

Watson: Oh, thank you, Inspector. I don't think I could have done it entirely without Mr. Holmes' help, you know.

Holmes: The truth is only arrived at... by the pain staking process of eliminating the untrue.

Commissioner of Scotland Yard: Before going further, Dr. Watson, I must inform you that this matter is not to be mentioned outside of this room.

Watson: [Indignantly] Of course not. Do I look like a man who'd gossip?

Holmes: Let's not go into that now, old fellow, shall we?

Colonel Cavanaugh: [remarking on the poison gas] That little attachment, my dear Mr. Holmes, contains the deadly fluid known as monosulfide. The Germans use it with gratifying results in removing their undesirables.

Watson: Holmes! You all right?

Holmes: Perfectly, thank you, old fellow, but I think this gentleman on the floor requires some medical attention. We must see that he looks his best, you know, when he's hanged.

Colonel Cavanaugh: [to a handcuffed Holmes, who is hanging from a beam] You find yourself like Muhammad's coffin, Mr. Holmes, suspended between Heaven and Earth.

Holmes: Elementary, my dear fellow, one of the first principles in solving crime is never to disregard anything no matter how trivial.

Holmes: However, it's a mistake to accept something that's true merely because it's obvious.

Mrs. Hilda Courtney: My friends call me Hilda.

'Stinky' Emery: Thanks. Mine call me Stinky.

Mrs. Hilda Courtney: Stinky? How quaint

Holmes: [Holmes and Watson are in a pub to see Joe Cisto, a piano player. Holmes introduces Cisto to Watson] I want you to meet a friend of mine, Dr. Watson. Joe Cisto.

Joe Cisto: Oh, well, any friend of Mr. Holmes is a friend of mine.

Watson: How are you, Joe?

Joe Cisto: He did me a good turn once that I'll never forget.

Holmes: Yes, I cleared Joe of a most unpleasant charge.

Joe Cisto: Murder no less.

Watson: Oh, really?

Holmes: By proving to the satisfaction of the police that he was busy at the time blowing open someone's safe.

Hamid: [angrily, after Cavanaugh has grabbed a book of poems from him inscribed by Mrs. Courtney] Some day you'll go too far.

Colonel Cavanaugh: Reaching for a star, you fool.

Hamid: Yet a fool may touch a star, Colonel Cavanaugh, if he reaches high enough.

Colonel Cavanaugh: But not possess it as you would.

'Stinky' Emery: [remarking on one of his music boxes] Charming, isn't it?

Holmes: Quite!

Watson: [bored] They all sound to me like a lot of mice running about a tin roof.

Watson: [remarking on the stolen music box] But that box is only worth two pounds!

Holmes: It's worth a man's life, Watson!

Mrs. Hilda Courtney: It's so fearfully awkward, having a dead body lying about. Don't you agree Mr. Holmes?

Watson: Would you... Would you like to hear old uncle make a noise like a duck?