San Thomas: I ran down like a clock. It was just as though I'd been wound up too tight and the spring broke.

Petey Brown: [admiringly] Hey, O'Connor. What kind of vitamins do you use?

San Thomas: I'd make you sing the blues, honey.

Petey Brown: I'll take that chance.

Petey Brown: Hello, Buddy. But you didn't have that black eye the last time I saw you.

Buddy Otis: And you didn't have that color hair the last time I saw you.

Nicky Toresca: I kind of go for that dress you're wearing.

Petey Brown: I was afraid of that when I put it on.

Gloria O'Connor: Ah, I bet you're one of those nightclub wolves I've heard so much about.

Riley: [laughs] Yeah, I'm so dangerous that I oughta be wearing a red lantern. All my life, it's been cherchez la femme.

Gloria O'Connor: Cherchez la femme?

Riley: Yeah, that's French for: get 'em while they're young.

San Thomas: Isn't life difficult enough without mixing it up with memories?

Petey Brown: I don't know. Mine don't go back far enough yet.

Petey Brown: Honey, why be a sucker all your life? She wouldn't give you the time of day if she had two watches.

Johnny O'Connor: I work the night shift - I can't take her anywhere.

Petey Brown: Well, honey, all I can say is you better change to the day shift.

[last lines]

San Thomas: Remember what you once told me when I was low: all of us are standing in the mud, well...

Petey Brown: Some of us are looking at the stars.

San Thomas: Here's lookin' at ya, baby.

Petey Brown: I want to try to do something for her when I get out there. She slings spaghetti for a living. You get awfully tried carrying those trays.

Virginia Brown: Hello Johnny.

Johnny O'Connor: Hi Ginny.

Petey Brown: [singing] Someday he'll come along, The man I love, And he'll be big and strong, The man I love, And when he comes my way, I'll do my best to make him stay...

Petey Brown: Why worry? Worry gives you wrinkles.

Barbara: That was strictly in the groove, Petey. How about some refreshments.

Petey Brown: I'm sort of handy to have around.

Nicky Toresca: Yeah? Yeah, you might be at that.

Petey Brown: I know quite a few things and - I sing.

Nicky Toresca: Oh, so you're a canary too?

Petey Brown: Some people like it. Care for a sample?

Nicky Toresca: Maybe you ought to stick around.

Petey Brown: You think maybe I should?

Nicky Toresca: I think maybe this town could do a lot for you.

Petey Brown: I think maybe I could do a little something for this town.

Petey Brown: Don't strain yourself. I know you're a college man.

Petey Brown: [singing] Why was I born? Why am I living? What do I get? What am I giving? Why do I want of things, I daren't hope for? What can I hope for? I wish I knew...

Sally Otis: I brought you a carton of your favorite cigarettes.

Roy Otis: No thank you.

Sally Otis: Don't tell me you've given up smoking after all these years? I just started.

Nicky Toresca: Stick around tonight. Maybe I'll take you home after we close.

Cigarette Girl: Thank you!

Sally Otis: It's not her fault that Johnny spoils her so.

Petey Brown: What she needs from Johnny is a swift kick - in the right place.

Gloria O'Connor: I'm getting sick of other people minding my business.

Sally Otis: Christmas carols. Isn't it lovely?

Gloria O'Connor: It's so sad. It gives me the willies. Get some dance music.

Sally Otis: Oh, lets just hear this one.

Singer at Bamboo Club: [singing] If I could be with you, I'd love you strong, If I could be with you, I'd love you long, I want you to know that I wouldn't go, Until I told you honey why I love you so, If I could be with you, one hour tonight, If I was free to do the things that I might, I'm telling you true, I'd be anything but blue, If I could be with you...

Petey Brown: Life's full of kicks, isn't it?

San Thomas: That's what I've heard.

San Thomas: You wanna go back?

Petey Brown: No, I never wanna go back.

Nicky Toresca: She's just another dame for me.

Petey Brown: Be a gentleman for once in your life and go and get my coat.

Petey Brown: Well, well, the people you run into when you aren't carrying a gun.

San Thomas: Why do you think I came down to a joint like this as soon as I could?

Petey Brown: Yeah. Yeah, I get it. Music. Bad liquor.

San Thomas: It's hard to break the habit.

Petey Brown: Well, why would you want to break the habit?

Nicky Toresca: Nice hunk of jewelry you got there.

Petey Brown: It was given to me by an admiring friend. Thanks, Nicky. I like it.

Nicky Toresca: I never did go for that word "friend".

Petey Brown: A lot less trouble, don't you think?

Nicky Toresca: Yeah, but, not as much fun.

Nicky Toresca: For a stranger in town, you make connections pretty fast. Going for pick-ups now?

Nicky Toresca: How about you and me blowin' for awhile and takin' in another joint?

San Thomas: I kept trying to make that piano do a lot of things I guess no one guy can do. It started me drinking too much.

Petey Brown: Yeah. I know what you mean. Everything looks nice and sharp when you've had a couple. But, when the edge wears off, the whole works is a dull finish. It's no good.

San Thomas: Yeah, that's the way it was with me. Then, I really went haywire.

Petey Brown: No harm in shopping around for a little happiness together is there?

Petey Brown: I might have known it'd be a dame. Nothing else makes a guy cave in like that does.

San Thomas: Petey, you're swell. I don't want to mess up your life too.

Petey Brown: Look, let me handle my funeral in my own way, will you?


San Thomas: I was as crazy about that dame as I was about music.

Nicky Toresca: I've been noticing him sitting out there night after night. Its a funny thing, he ain't out there tonight.

Petey Brown: Maybe he's getting tired of the watered liquor.

Petey Brown: You certainly worked hard at running away from yourself, haven't you? And you're still unhappy.

San Thomas: Who's looking for happiness? At the present time, my life's a comfortable blank and that's okay with me.

Nicky Toresca: Do you think I haven't been keeping my eyes open, don't you? I found out quite a lot about this Mr. Thomas.

Petey Brown: What are you doing now? Playing cop?

Petey Brown: She put you through the wringer, didn't she? I wonder what women like that have got?

San Thomas: I don't know; but, she had it. Whatever it is.

Petey Brown: Funny how people always try to change each other. It doesn't add up, does it?

Petey Brown: Always walk in without knocking? You nearly scared me out of my new hair dye.

Johnny O'Connor: You know, I always wondered what a couple of dames talk about when they're alone. Now I know. Meow!

Petey Brown: I'm a bigger fool than you San. I need my head examined for ever thinking I could make you forget her. Maybe if I'd worn higher heels and a couple of screwy hats, I'd of stood a better chance. She must be quite a gal to do this to you after all these years.

San Thomas: And that's it?

Petey Brown: That's it!

Petey Brown: Darling, I've been nearly crazy. I didn't know what had happened. I missed you so. Hey, never do this to me again, you big lug, you.

Petey Brown: She still does something to you, doesn't she?

San Thomas: Oh, I don't know, Petey. There've been months at a time I never gave her a thought. Then, something happens, it reminds me of her. A screwy hat on some girl passing in the street. A pair of slim legs. High heels clicking in the pavement.

Petey Brown: I saw her at Toresca's New Year's Eve.

Sally Otis: With her girlfriend?

Petey Brown: Well, if it was a girlfriend, she was wearing a moustache and smoking a cigar.

Sally Otis: What?

Petey Brown: I guess all dames are alike: possessive. They don't want to share something they feel is theres. Well, I'm no different from the rest of them. And I don't feel like sharing you with her!

Petey Brown: Johnny, I get a kick out of you calling her "your wife." She's not your wife. You never gave her a chance to be. Well, she's just a pretty little girl you like to spoil and walk down the street with so the guys will turn and whistle. Make you feel important.

Nicky Toresca: So you couldn't keep your trap shut. I should have known you were the gabby kind.

San Thomas: Doesn't what I've said to you make sense?

[Petey shakes her head no]

San Thomas: You crazy little dame, you.


Petey Brown: I guess I just got train whistles in my ears.

Joe Brown: Come back here you silly dame. Are you crazy? Okay, baby, walk home! Maybe it'll cool you off.

Nicky Toresca: Grow up, baby. Stick with me in my gutter. We both talk the same language.

Nicky Toresca: That's the trouble with dames like that. They never know when they're getting the brush off.

Petey Brown: I hate the fog. It's sort of lonely.

Johnny O'Connor: She wasn't a bad kid, Petey. She just didn't know what the score was.

Nicky Toresca: What's the matter with you?

Joe Brown: Nothing's the matter.

Nicky Toresca: Maybe you're allergic to blondes with husbands. Is that it?

San Thomas: I don't know what makes me tick, Petey. I just know that I've been running away from life for a long time and it keeps catching up with me.