Soundtracks (13)

  • The Man I Love
    Music by George Gershwin
    Lyrics Ira Gershwin
    Performed by Ida Lupino (dubbed by Peg La Centra)
    [Instrumental version played during the opening credits, sung by Petey at the 39 Club, played by San on the piano, and instrumental excerpts played throughout the movie]
  • Liza
    Music by George Gershwin
    [Played by San on the piano when Petey calls the Bamboo Club]
  • Why Was I Born?
    Music by Jerome Kern
    Lyrics Oscar Hammerstein II
    Performed by Ida Lupino (voice dubbed by Peg La Centra)
    [Petey sings the song at at Nicky Toresca's]
  • Bill
    Music by Jerome Kern
    Lyrics Oscar Hammerstein II
    [Credited but not in final print]
  • Dancing on the Ceiling
    Music by Richard Rodgers
    [Played briefly by the band at Nicky Toresca's after Petey's first song there]
  • Body and Soul
    Music by Johnny Green
    [Played by San on the piano when Petey arrives home]
  • If I Could Be with You
    Music by James P. Johnson (as Jimmy Johnson)
    Lyrics by Henry Creamer
    Performed by Tony Romano
    [Song performed at the Bamboo Club]
  • Silent Night, Holy Night
    Music by Franz Xaver Gruber
    Lyrics by Joseph Mohr
    [Played on the radio on Christmas Eve]
  • Gotta Be This or That
    Music by Sunny Skylar
    [Played at the club when Petey arrives after bailing San out of jail]
  • Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
    Music by Sam H. Stept
    [Played when Jack stops by the table at the Bamboo Club]
  • How Many Hearts Have You Broken (With Those Great Big Beautiful Eyes)
    Music by Al Kaufman
    [Played at the club when Petey talks to Joey and Nicky is with Gloria]
  • But I Did
    Music by Joseph Meyer
    [Played when Petey and Nicky are dancing at the New Year's party]
  • Can't We Be Friends
    Music by Kay Swift
    [Played when Joey finds Gloria in the room and Petey sees San at the bar]