Filmed in mid-1945, but nor released until 1947.

Ida Lupino's singing voice was dubbed by Peg La Centra.

This film's earliest documented telecast took place in Tucson Saturday 18 August 1956 on KDWI (Channel 9); it first aired in Los Angeles Friday 2 November 1956 on KNXT (Channel 2), in Cincinnati Thursday 8 November 1956 on WKRC (Channel 12), and in Boston Monday 10 December 1956 on WBZ (Channel 4).

While Petey is talking to San, desperately trying to keep him from leaving her, the background instrumental music is "Can't We Be Friends?".

According to contemporary articles in The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. bought the film rights to Maritta M. Wolff's novel for $25,000 in 1942 and planned the picture to star Ann Sheridan and Humphrey Bogart.

According to film critic Leonard Maltin, this film inspired Martin Scorsese's New York, New York (1977).

Ida Lupino, prolific as a director of episodic television throughout 1960s, was at the helm for three episodes of Gilligan's Island (1964) which starred Alan Hale's son Alan Hale Jr. as the Skipper.

Dolores Moran had an affair with Mickey Rooney after he divorced Ava Gardner in 1943. Martha Vickers was married to him 1949-1951.

Filming ran 19 days over schedule and $100,000 over budget.

By the patch on his uniform jacket's left shoulder, Roy was in the U.S. Army's 40th Infantry Division which fought in the Pacific during WWII.

Ida Lupino became ill with exhaustion during this production - at one point fainting during a scene with Robert Alda and having to be cut out of her tight-fitting dress.