Shug: Where are you headed, Roy?

Roy Rogers: I don't know exactly, Shug. But I'm gonna put as a lot of miles between me and here before daylight.

Roy Rogers: Time to be here and there he is. You're kind of quick on the trigger, son.

Walling: What are you going to name him, Roy?

Roy Rogers: I just did. It's Trigger!

Brett Scoville: [he and Gabby are watching one of Scoville's horses running a lap] Well, what do you think of her?

Gabby Kendrick: [in a confidently disgusted tone] I'd think that horse was runnin' BACKWARDS. Any animal I own could beat that.

Brett Scoville: Would you like to make a bet?

Gabby Kendrick: [firmly, wanting to respect his daughter's wishes] I aint makin' no bets. Quit gamblin'!

Brett Scoville: [scoffs] Ha! Ha! Ha! That's a laugh!

Gabby Kendrick: [indignantly] You wanna bet on it? Ah-oh - -


Sheriff: Goodbye, Rogers. I hope I won't see you again under these circumstances.

Roy Rogers: You won't... under any circumstances.

Roy Rogers: It's like a told you, Trigger. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's tough. You got to take the breaks the way they come. Life is sort of like gambling. You can't always win.

[first lines]

Roy Rogers: Golden horses - that's what they call the palominos. And palominos have quite a history. You know, the history of my own palomino began right here at this ranch. If I hadn't-a gone through that gate a few years back, I'd never have gotten my pal, Trigger.