Aesop: The world will only accept wisdom when it is cloaked in age and suffering.

Delarai: [holds out hand] You may take your kiss.

Aesop: Not now and not on your hand, but on your lips Delarai... and only when you beg for it.

Delarai: Beg? That'll be the day after eternity!

Aesop: No, Delarai, it will be the night of eternity.

Delarai: You dog!

King Croesus: [Busy counting his gold, as Leonides walks in] And the shekels keep pouring in. Shekels and more shekels! Tribute from Tyre, tribute from Macedonia... I'll go down in history, Leonides, not only as the richest king in the world, but as a great magician: "The King who turned iron into gold."

Leonides: Iron? How so, milord?

King Croesus: Iron spears, Leonides. Rattle them loud enough, and the gold rolls in!

[Both men burst out laughing]

Leonides: [to Aesop] In my youth I had to choose between being a career man and a 'carouse' man.n