Dr. Sam Martin: Mark's a good man and a good lawyer. It's pretty tough on him he's got so bad a case he has to rake up scandal instead of evidence.

Davy Lane: Him and Hannah's getting hitched. Couldn't happen to a better man.

Stagecoach passenger: Who is he?

Davy Lane: Sam Martin. Doctor's hereabouts.

Stagecoach passenger: I didn't know there was a vet this side of Raton.

Davy Lane: Oh, Sam don't doctor animals. People!

Stagecoach passenger: Ohhh.

Davy Lane: Darn good at it, too.

Stagecoach passenger: Looks more like one of the Dembrow gang than a fellow that doctor's human beings.

Davy Lane: If I was you, I wouldn't say that where the doc could hear you - if I was you. He wouldn't like it bein' mistaken for a highwayman. He's a quick man on the draw, Sam is - if'n it's a pill or a pistol.