Cookie Bullfincher: I knew I was too young and pretty to die.

[while singing "Hot Lead", Pat fires his pistol six times]

Lee Madison: What's that, a six-shooter?

Pat: Nope, it's a sixteen-shooter.

[Pat fires ten more times]

[first lines]

Padre: It's always good when you come here and we join our voices together in song. I'm only sorry that trouble brings you here.

Roy Rogers: I'm sorry too, Padre, but I think with the help of my friends over the border here, we'll be able to get this thing straightened out.

[Roy is unhappy that his boss has ordered to cooperate with Lee Madison while she researches her next western novel]

Bob: Did you read "Murder on the Border"?

Cookie Bullfincher: Golly, I did. It's about...

Roy Rogers: I know what it's about - black-hearted villains and roarin' six-guns. I'd like to see him face those six guns he writes about.

[Roy pretends to be an outlaw so he can scare Lee Madison into returning to the East]

Roy Rogers: Well, where's Madison?

Lee Madison: H-he didn't show up. What do you want him for?

Roy Rogers: I want his money. He's rich and I'm poor!

Lee Madison: You mean you rob from the rich and give to the poor?

Roy Rogers: Yeah, that's right. Besides, I don't like him.

Lee Madison: Why?

Roy Rogers: Did you ever read any of those awful western stories he writes?

Lee Madison: Awful?

Roy Rogers: Yeah, awful. They give us outlaws a bad name!

Roy Rogers: Here's the silver we found on the murdered boy. It's almost pure. Lee was right - it's a plant. Here's the real ore from the Monarch


Roy Rogers: . There isn't enough silver in a ton of it to pay their light bill.

[seeking the location of an old Mexican silver mine, Roy, Cookie, Lee and the Padre find a clue on one of the bells of San Angelo church]

Padre: [reading the inscription] "As the sun rises, the shadow of my arms and the pillar of my strength shall mark that which God made and whence came the bells of San Angelo."

Lee Madison: That's beautiful!

Cookie Bullfincher: But what does it mean?

Roy Rogers: "... The shadow of my arms and the pillar of my strength..." Arms, pillar - that must mean a cross! Cookie, do you know where there's a cross around here?

Cookie Bullfincher: Sure! On top of the church.

Roy Rogers: No, I mean up in the hills near the border where the mine could be.

Padre: None now, but there was a shrine many years ago to which the people came to pray to Santa Guadalupe at Easter.

Cookie Bullfincher: Sure, Padre, I remember. On your side of the border near some rimrock!

[Roy accidentally bumps into Lee Madison, and realizes that she was the girl in the coach he had held-up earlier that day]

Roy Rogers: Why, hello there, I met you...

[catches himself]

Roy Rogers: I mean, I'm sorry.

[repeated line]

Cookie Bullfincher: Royyyyyy!