Cass Timberlane: Safe!

Virginia 'Jinny' Marshland: Are you sure?

Cass Timberlane: Yes.

Virginia 'Jinny' Marshland: I thought you were a friend.

Cass Timberlane: An umpire has no friends.

Bradd Criley: [seeing the newlyweds off] Well, that leaves me the last of the bachelors.

Dr. Roy Drover: Umhuh.

Bradd Criley: You know, Roy, I ought to find a girl like that, and settle down.

Dr. Roy Drover: Yes, I know. Marriage is always a picture like that. Other men's marriages.

Bradd Criley: No, I really mean it.

Dr. Roy Drover: You always mean it. That's your charm. But you never do it. That's your protection.

Cass Timberlane: [carrying a tray with three glasses] Three beers. Papa Beer, Mama Beer, and Baby Beer.

Cass Timberlane: What's the matter, Lily?

Lillian Drover: I'm crying, ah, because my glass is empty.

Bradd Criley: Where-ever you are, IS heaven!