The house Lawrence Tierney and his unfortunate companions roll into for the final act, is the same as Verna's (Susan Hayward) house that she shares with her friend in They Won't Believe Me, also RKO and of the same year.

Last movie of the English actress Betty Lawford.

This film's earliest documented telecasts took place in Salt Lake City Saturday 30 June 1956 on KUTV (Channel 2), in Altoona Monday 30 July 1956 on WFBG (Channel 8), in Philadelphia Monday 10 September 1956 on WFIL (Channel 6), in Los Angeles Saturday 15 September 1956 on KHJ (Channel 9), in San Francisco Wednesday 26 September 1956 on KPIX (Channel 5), in Wilkes-Barre Thursday 11 October 1956 on WILK (Channel 34), in Dallas Wednesday 17 October 1956 on WBAP (Channel 5), in New Haven Monday 5 November 1956 on WNHC (Channel 8), in Boston Tuesday 4 December 1956 on WNAC (Channel 7), and in New York City Monday 10 Decemer 1956 on WOR (Channel 9).