Madeleine Damien: You really are a rat aren't you.

Madeleine Damien: As a blackmailer, you are pitiful.

Freddie: You can't leave me here sitting in the snow! I'm mad about you... in my own foul way.

Victor Kranish: How's the insomnia?

Madeleine Damien: Oh, I found some new sleeping pills. Red ones this time.

[Madeline has just introduced her fiancee to Garet and Courtland]

Jack Garet: I don't believe a minute of it. Do you?

Felix Courtland: Garet, you're a very cynical man. You don't believe in true love.

Jack Garet: You don't think Madeline does, too, do you?

Felix Courtland: I don't know, but I've always been facinated by miracles.

Victor Kranish: Madeleine you're a bundle of lies, a lovely bundle of lies, beautifully bound together.

Jack Garet: Why do you have to go back to that bore Freddie, you haven't even given me a chance to make love to you.

Madeleine Damien: You're doing alright.

Jack Garet: You know its awfully hard making love to a woman who makes more money than me.

Freddie: I always drink, particularly when I'm with you.

Madeleine Damien: Am I that hard to take sober?

Freddie: You're a voluptuous pain in the neck.

Madeleine Damien: I wasn't very polite, was I.

Felix Courtland: As a matter of fact you don't look like an art editor, more like a work of art.

Madeleine Damien: Mr Coulthard, I think you're a very dangerous man.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: You've been insulting yourself Miss Damian, insulting your body and insulting your soul.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: Then you'd drug yourself with the excitement of more excitement.

Madeleine Damien: You're not helping me, you're insulting me.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: You've been insulting yourself Miss Damian.

Jack Garet: Beautiful would you mind popping out for a minute?

Ethel Royce: That's just 60 seconds, you better talk fast.

Jack Garet: I only earn $100 a week and you know I can't live on that.

Madeleine Damien: I'm in love - now laugh if you want.

Madeleine Damien: Men prefer to keep their illusions, don't they.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: You're looking for security from someone else instead of building it in yourself.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: Falling in love doesn't cure everything overnight.

Freddie: Beautiful would you mind popping out for a minute?

Ethel Royce: That's just 60 seconds, you better talk fast.

Freddie: I only earn $100 a week and you know I can't live on that.

Victor Kranish: Mr Garet believes that the world owes him a gay life. No matter who pays for it.

Victor Kranish: Let's face it, she's a changed woman.

Ethel Royce: She'll never change, she just got herself a new set of words, that's all.

Madeleine Damien: Why do you always hound me? You know I despite you and everything you stand for.

Felix Courtland: There's always a chance I may be able to improve your opinion, and your manners.

Dr. David S. Cousins: I thought you were something wonderful and you turned out to be something else.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: She's been living in an area of infection and she's removed herself from it.

Felix Courtland: I take it you consider me part of the contamination.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: You've come here for information, not diagnosis. I sually charge people for insulting them.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: Miss Damien told me to tell you if you inquire that she's busy growing herself a new soul. Now will you please keep off the grass.

Dr. David S. Cousins: Say, women are supposed to scream, are you afraid of mice?

Madeleine Damien: No but next time I'll scream.

Dr. David S. Cousins: Say, you're an artist aren't you?

Madeleine Damien: I don't know.

Madeleine Damien: You speak Russian?

Dr. David S. Cousins: Over a bottle of vodka everybody speaks Russian.

Dr. David S. Cousins: You're a very lovely girl.

Madeleine Damien: You're not being very scientific Doctor.

Madeleine Damien: That's the very heart of science, the truth.

Dr. David S. Cousins: Lets talk about insulin.

Dist. Atty. O'Brien: Her twisted soul was bent on heartless deceit.

Madeleine Damien: The whole truth about the human soul is a complicated proposition.

Madeleine Damien: My father was very much in love with life.

Felix Courtland: That's a Hungarian custom isn't it.

Madeleine Damien: And desperate eyes, full of shadows.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: Insomnia does that.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: Perhaps you find the idea of living not very attractive.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: And you don't want anyone to see inside, perhaps you don't even want to take a look yourself. My, women haven't the courage to face themselves so they look for escape on one excitement after another.

Madeleine Damien: I didn't hire you to gossip about my personal life.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: You don't care because it's too much fun.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: He was the happiest of men in the world until he killed himself.

Felix Courtland: You know you need relaxing, lots of relaxing, I can hear your nerves snapping like rubber bands.

Dr. David S. Cousins: Your life hasn't been gay and glamorous at all. It's just been muddled and senseless.

Madeleine Damien: I was doing it my own way, playing by my own rules and nobody was hurt.

Dr. Richard Caleb, Psychiatrist: Nobody but yourself.