Dr. Richard Talbot: [finishing her bandage] There, it doesn't look bad.

Nora Prentiss: The bandage or the leg?

Dr. Richard Talbot: Young lady, I...

Nora Prentiss: Can't you decide, doctor?

Dr. Richard Talbot: Well, I made the bandage. I didn't make the leg.

[Nora laughs]

Nora Prentiss: Well, Doc, thanks for the cigarette and the drink. In fact, thanks for everything.

Dr. Richard Talbot: Oh, that's quite all right. Good night.

Nora Prentiss: Uh, just a minute. How much do I owe you?

Dr. Richard Talbot: Oh, I'll send you a bill.

Nora Prentiss: Got the name?

Dr. Richard Talbot: Prentiss. Nora Prentiss.

Nora Prentiss: Don't forget.

Dr. Richard Talbot: I won't.

Nora Prentiss: By the way, you've been, uh, very patient with me. You may not have noticed, but I was a little fresh.

Dr. Richard Talbot: I noticed.

Nora Prentiss: I don't know why, but... something about you. Next time I'll be polite.

Dr. Richard Talbot: That's fine. Next time my bill won't be so large.

Dr. Richard Talbot: I'm writing a paper on ailments of the heart.

Nora Prentiss: A paper? I could write a book!

Nora Prentiss: [driver and cop looking at her legs] I've been examined already!

Police Lieutenant: I wish I knew what was in this note - or who burned it. Do you think he was being blackmailed?

Dr. Joel Merriam: [a bit taken aback] Blackmailed?

Police Lieutenant: Yes.

Dr. Joel Merriam: What would anybody have on him? He led such an exemplary life.

Police Lieutenant: That's the way a blackmailer works, doctor. He finds out something nobody else knows, and then sells it for a price.

Dr. Richard Talbot: I could never prove my innocence. You know that. They'd never believe me. If a man commits one crime, it's easy to suspect him of another. Besides, I am guilty of killing a man. I killed Richard Talbot.

Nora Prentiss: If there was only something I could do.

Dr. Richard Talbot: There is. Keep this to yourself. Never breathe a word of it to anyone. Promise.

Nora Prentiss: You can't ask me to go on living with a memory that I could have saved you and didn't. You can't do that.

Dr. Richard Talbot: If I can die remembering that, you can live remembering it.