Jeb: [Narrating] One day I rode up in the butte country...

[Approaching the burned out shell of a cabin]

Jeb: Came straight to this place just like I'd known the way. There was something in my life that ruined that house. That house was myself.

[Entering the charred remains]

Jeb: I'd seen it a million times before... the fireplace... the trap door...

[Walking outside again]

Jeb: Out back there was some cattle bones. All of a sudden I couldn't breathe, and then as I walked around the side, I came upon some unmarked graves. If that house was me, what part of me was buried in those graves?

Mrs. Callum: [to Jeb] A person's gotta find his own answers. We're alone... each of us. Each in a different way.

Jeb: [to Thor] There was a black dog riding my back and yours.