Sam Pecker: The likes of you didn't ought to be doing the likes of this for the likes of me.

Denys Royd: I've always regarded you as a model of all the virtues.

Adrian Barrasford: So did I, so did I.


Adrian Barrasford: I, a Justice of the Peace, poached a salmon!

Mildred Royd: A guest has arrived and wants a bath.

Bella: A bath? Crikey!

Mildred Royd: People shouldn't want to wash so thoroughly the minute they arrive in a strange place.

Bella: And Friday afternoon at that!

Adrian Barrasford: [Justice of the peace, to Arthur Royd after they poached a fish the night before and only Sam was caught] No, I warn you. I shall fine us very heavily.

Rowena Hyde: That was very pleasant.

Denys Royd: Pleasant? It was wonderful!

Arthur Royd: No sense in having a handy son-in-law if you don't make use of him.