Porky Pig: And who is Hymie?

Daffy Duck: [laughs] Who's Hymie? That's rich, that's a lulu! Hey, Hymie. Come here, get a load of this.

[door closes by itself]

Daffy Duck: You wanna know who Hymie is, huh? Well, ask me. Go ahead, ask me.

Porky Pig: Who is he?

Daffy Duck: Oh, he's not much. Just a kangaroo. Just six feet of kangaroo, that's all.

Porky Pig: You're pixilated. T-There's no kangaroo in this room.

Daffy Duck: Oh, yeah? Well, you just watch. Hey, Hymie, come here a minute, kid.

[Daffy steps into an invisible pouch; only his head shows]

Daffy Duck: No Hymie, huh? How do you suppose I'm doing this?

[Daffy's head starts hopping around the room, as in an invisible kangaroo]

Daffy Duck: There, I hope you're satisfied. You've hurt Hymie's feelings. He's so sensitive.

Daffy Duck: Good night, fat boy.

Porky Pig: B-B-Buenas noches.

[turns off lights; Daffy turns them on again and taps Porky on the head]

Daffy Duck: What's "Bonus noches"?

Porky Pig: That's Spanish for "Bon soir."

Daffy Duck: Oh.

[Turns lights off; turns them on again and knocks on Porky's head]

Daffy Duck: What's "Bon sewer"?

Porky Pig: O-Oh, that's French for "B-B-Buenas noches."

Daffy Duck: Oh.

[Turns off lights; turns them on again and hits Porky's head with the alarm clock]

Daffy Duck: Uh... Oh, skip it!

Porky Pig: T-T-That does it! You web-footed, n-n-no good, two-timing, d-d-double-crossing, d-d-double-dealing, unsanitary old snake in the grass!

Daffy Duck: Unsanitary?