Charlie Chan: [to Tommy (who has been playing "jazz" violin)] Excuse interruption of music festival, please, but would mind repeating excrutiating sound made with assistance of cat intestine?"

Charlie Chan: He who takes whatever gods send with smile has learned life's hardest lesson. I, personally, find it difficult to achieve that smile.

Capt. McNalley: [Talking about Tommy] Say, the boy has a head on his shoulders.

Charlie Chan: Oh, yes, even melon grown in shade will ripen in the end.

Birmingham Brown: [Indicating the adjoining room] Hey, look, you hide in here, so you'll absolutely be in possession of all the facts of this case.

Tommy Chan: You think it'll be all right?

Birmingham Brown: Certainly.

Tommy Chan: Okay. This sounds like a very important case, and Pop needs all the help he can get. You can't expect him to solve everything alone.

Birmingham Brown: He don't do bad that way.

Charlie Chan: If matter not solved, it is will of fate, but still feel inclined to give fate small tussle.

Birmingham Brown: [to Tommy] Nothing ventured; nothing overheard.

Charlie Chan: [Entering the room] Captain...

Police Sgt. Dansiger: Hello, Mr. Chan.

Capt. McNalley: Charlie, I thought you were on your way to San Francisco.

Charlie Chan: Would have been had not been for appointment with Mr. LaFontaine. Trust am not late.

Capt. McNalley: Late? I'm afraid you're too late . He died no more than five minutes ago.

Charlie Chan: Oh, death one appointment we must all keep and for which no time is set.

Charlie Chan: All cards should repose on table when personal liberty is at stake.

Birmingham Brown: Mr. Chan, you oughta have all the credit for solvin' this case.

Charlie Chan: [Sardonically] Well, after dinner is over, heh-heh, who cares about spoon?

Tommy Chan: Let's pack and go back to San Francisco, Pop.

Charlie Chan: Yes, wherever one is not, that's where heart is.

Charlie Chan: [to LaFontaine] He who takes whatever God send with a smile has learned life's hardest lesson. I personally find it diafficult to achieve that smile. Heh-heh.