Chamberlain: You're a nihilist - that's what you are!

Virgil Smith: I am not! I'm a Presbyterian!

Princess Bitotska: The Lafuentes have more of everything. In fact, most of their children were born with eleven fingers.

Isabella: Who is he?

Elderly nobleman: The most vulgar, impossible, obnoxious, ill-mannered...

Princess Bitotska: In one word, he's an American!

Baron Holenia: The Hungarian officer playing cards... that's Prince Istvan Barlossy de Baloshasa.

Johanna Augusta Franziska: Hmmm... I met him in Budapest. Didn't like him very much.

Baron Holenia: Nonsense! Since then he's inherited half of Buda and a large part of Pest.

Baron Holenia: I am not narrow-minded! I could even forgive him being an American if he belonged to one of those Vander, Astor, uh, Rocker, uh, families. But a Mr. Smith?

Baron Holenia: [optimistically] In this, our moment of sorrow, I venture to offer some consolation. There will be other days. She'll give us some puppies yet.

Dr. Zwieback: Yes, that's the way to look at it. Come spring and we can count on another litter.

Emperor Franz-Josef: [sadly] Hmmm... the question is - can I count on another spring?

Emperor Franz-Josef: [about Virgil] We both agreed that with him you had only one chance in a million to be happy

Johanna Augusta Franziska: Your majesty thinks that I am happy? Isn't one chance in a million better than no chance at all?

Emperor Franz-Josef: My dear, you are much to pretty for mathematics.