Mike Bennett: Gee, trains are wonderful, especially at night. They're like big, long snakes with lighted skins. And they whistle and smoke and rattle. Boy, they're somethin'.

[repeated line]

Harold Dunlap: You're very pretty when your lips aren't moving.

McFee: Some girl got herself killed on the Limited. Found her on the rear platform. Nail file, like that. Right through the heart.

Barney: Somebody do her in?

Willy: They weren't cleanin' her nails.

Harold Dunlap: There's no sense in scaring the boy.

Ruth Bennett: He should be scared. I'm scared with him alone heaven knows where. If scaring will scare him, he should be scared.

Harold Dunlap: I'll give him a good talkin-to, just like a big brother.

Ruth Bennett: Make sure you scare him.

Ruth Bennett: Would you like to try a game of checkers?

Harold Dunlap: No, thanks. I've tried one.

Willy: Any more news about the gal who had her heart manicured?

Jean Maxwell: You're pretty awful. You're even too bad for me.