Tommy Swann's back is scarred from flogging, a judicial punishment that was taken off Great Britain's statutes in 1948--one year after this film was made.

Googie Withers, who played Rose Sandigate, and John McCallum, who played Tommy Swann, met on this movie, and were married the next year. They were married for 62 years, until his death.

The BFI notes for this report that Bethnel Green residents protested against their depiction in this film. Protests did not prevent it from being Ealing Studios top earner that year.

The various "no betting" signs hanging in various locations in the film are a reminder that betting was only legal within the confines of horse and greyhound tracks in the UK until the 1960 Gaming Act legalized public betting shops.

According to the information blackboard at the station, the Sunday in question is 23 March 1947.

Although some sources mention Sidney James in the role of a bandleader here, the actor wasn't involved in this production.

John McCallum and Jack Warner would later star together in Valley of the Eagles (1951).

Opening credits: The events and characters portrayed in this film are fictitious, and any similarity to any incident, name or individual is coincidental.