Manuela: I wish I had now. Now, will you get out of here?

Serafin: You won't come with me?

Manuela: No.

Serafin: Very well then.

[He goes through the window, turns to Manuela]

Serafin: You know, it isn't essential for you to love me to be in the troupe. It helps, but it isn't essential.

Manuela: Get out!

Serafin: [leaves to go out window] Good-bye.

Manuela: No, not that way! You'll kill yourself.

Serafin: You do care. You do care!

Manuela: No, I don't! No, I don't!

Serafin: Manuela, you love me! You love me!

Serafin: You should try underplaying sometime. Very effective.

Manuela: I wish you'd stop circling me. It's like talking to a top!

Serafin: I can tell you your past, your present, and your future.

Manuela: You don't have to tell me my future; I know my future.

Serafin: Am I in it?

Manuela: No!

Serafin: Then you don't know your future.

Serafin: Manuela, you can't marry that man. You're not in love with him, you're in love with me.

Manuela: The EGO! The CONCEIT!

Serafin: [standing by the noose] Usually for our opening I perform a rope trick, but tonight under the circumstances, I will skip the rope.

Serafin: It's hard to kill an actor.

Manuela: Someday Macoco is going to swoop down upon me like a chicken hawk and carry me away.

Serafin: You know, it isn't essential for you to love me for you to join the troupe. It-it helps, but it isn't essential.

Serafin: Senorita, don't marry that pumpkin.

Manuela: Pumpkin!

Serafin: Any man who lets you out of his sight is a pumpkin.

Manuela: If I didn't laugh I should be very annoyed.

Serafin: I know that underneath that prim exterior there are depths of emotion, romantic longings, unfulfilled dreams.

Manuela: [while hypnotized] Underneath this prim exterior, there are depths of emotion, romantic longings... Underneath this prim exterior, there are depths of emotion, romantic longings...

Manuela: How could I have been so gullible? Why, I should have known from the first moment I saw you on the stage that you know nothing about acting!

Serafin: [after Manuela smashes a painting over his head] You're overdoing this! You're being vindictive!

The Viceroy: I must say, Macoco, you're very satisfying! The other members of your profession whom I've met officially looked more like bookkeepers than pirates, but you - ooo hooo hooo - you fill the eye.

Serafin: Thank you.

Manuela: Why, it would mean the ruination of my complete life!

Serafin: Boys, here is my last cigar. Divide it among you.

Serafin: Don't tell me you've never longed for a prince instead of a pumpkin.

Serafin: Do not anger Macoco. Do not bring down Macoco's wrath upon your head.

Serafin: I believe a condemned man has a right to one last request.

The Viceroy: Oh, within reason - a visit from a loved one, a prayer, a beef steak.

Aunt Inez: Well, what are you? Some chicken thief or pick-purse?

Don Pedro Vargas: Macoco!

[comes up to the Serafin's stage, angrily]

Don Pedro Vargas: I've had enough of this! This marionette strutting around for pretending to be the black Macoco, you think a runt like that could handle a crew of cutthroats? You think real men would risk their necks to serve under him? If you want to worship Macoco, then worship me! It was I, who was the terror of the caribbean, the most feared and hated men who ever sailed a ship! At the mere mention of my name, armed fleets who slinked into harbors, whole populations would flee into hills when I at my ship came in sight of land. My name would like thunder rolling in from the sea! I am this man of worship!

[grabs Manuela's hand, Serafin stops him and reach his two guns out]

Don Pedro Vargas: I am Macoco... Not this grease paint hero, this puny rabbit-hearted, white-livered buffoon. I'm MACOCO!

[Serafin's guys tosses him with the bat and Serafin hits him and shoots]

Serafin: [after tricking his troupe and stealing their last cigar] I was, er... keeping it lit for you.

Aunt Inez: [after Manuela pretends to be hypnotized again] Oh, Manuela, not again!

Manuela: Don't call me pure soul, it irritates me!

Serafin: Come, pure spirit. Come with me.

Don Pedro Vargas: I forbid it, it's a disgrace!

The Viceroy: [to Don Pedro] Sit down, Don Pedro.

[turns back to Serafin]

Serafin: Gracious lady, if you have any wish. Express it freely to me. I, who am your friend.

Manuela: I wish that...

Serafin: Yes?

Manuela: I wish...

Don Pedro Vargas: Black magic! I won't have him practice black magic on my future wife! It's an outrage!

The Viceroy: [to Don Pedro] Hold your tongue, Don Pedro. I will not have this performance ruined by your bourgeois possessiveness.

Serafin: Excellency, would you please tell him this is not flirtation. It is science.

The Viceroy: It is science.

Don Pedro Vargas: Whatever you called, I don't like it!

The Viceroy: [turns to Don Pedro] I demand that you hold your tongue!

[turns back to Serafin]

The Viceroy: Proceed, sir, with this mesmerism.

Aunt Inez: Capucho, I want you to listen carefully: Bolt the front door and don't let anyone in. You understand?

Uncle Capucho: [nods] My dear, If I may make a suggestion?

Aunt Inez: Yes.

Trillo: Say, who's that man with the whip?

The Advocate: Manuela's fiance. He is also mayor of the town.

Trillo: Yes.

[to Serafin's troupes]

Trillo: All right, boys. Start packing.

Serafin: [yells] Macoco!

[first lines]

Manuela: The history of the pirate, Mack the Black Macoco... Macoco the dazzling, Macoco the tabulous, The hawk of the sea, the prince of pirates, whose spirit of legends will live on through the ages, praise a mortal thieves. As here and after set forth.

Serafin: Aren't you interested in love?

Manuela: No, I told you, I was going to be married!

Macoco: I'm very philanthropic now - I repaired the church belfry.