Joe Sullivan: What do you know about anything? You probably had your bread buttered on both sides since the day you were born. Safe. Safe on first, second, third, and home.

Ann Martin: That's what you think? Just because I own a car and a tailored suit and my nails are clean, you think I've never had to fight? I got an education, sure. I suppose that means I was born with a silver spoon, doesn't it? My father was a schoolteacher. He died in the war of The Depression. Only he didn't get any medals. Or any bands. Or any bonus. He left three children. You think *you* had to fight? The only way you know how to fight is that stupid way with a gun. Well, there's another way you probably never even heard of. It's the daily fight that everyone has. To get food and an education, to land a job and keep it. And some self-respect. 'Safe'? I never asked for anything safe. All I want is... just a little decency, that's all.

Joe Sullivan: [to Pat, about Ann] Keep your eye on "Miss Law and Order" here. She might go soprano on us.

Joe Sullivan: [being visited in prison by Ann] Next time you come up, don't wear that perfume.

Ann Martin: Why not?

Joe Sullivan: It doesn't help a guy's good behavior.

Joe Sullivan: You're wonderful, baby. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Pat Regan: Remember to tell me later, with gestures.

Joe Sullivan: I want to breathe. That's why I want out of this place... so I can take a deep breath again.

Pat Regan: [as Joe is about to leave to collect money from Rick Coyle] Be careful, and come back soon.

Joe Sullivan: Ah, you bet. You bet I will. As they say, life begins with 50 G's.

Fantail: [trying to demonstrate his skill at building a house of playing cards] Hey, Grimmy, watch this.

[he places another card and the house of cards collapses]

Fantail: I can never get it more than two stories high.

Grimshaw: Why don't you just build bungalows?

Fantail: [glares at him] Why don't you just take that hole in your head and close it?

Fantail: [after a boy on roller skates bumps into him] Why don't you watch where you're going?

Boy: [insolently] Who says so?

Fantail: Go on, get off the street. Kids like you ought to be in bed at this hour.

[boy skates off]

Ann Martin: [holding Joe in her arms as he lies mortally wounded] Joe, darling...

Joe Sullivan: Hey. Hey, none of that. Don't cry. I got my breath of fresh air.

[last lines]

Pat Regan: [in voice-over, as she watches Joe die in Ann's arms] The police picked me up and brought me here. There's my Joe, in her arms. A kind of... happiness on his face. In my heart I know that this is right for Joe. This is what he wanted.

[camera pans over to street sign reading "Corkscrew Alley", where Joe spent his childhood, and film ends]