Jane Randolph was wanted for the role of Pat Cameron. However, she turned it down, as she was upset at being uncredited in Anthony Mann's previous picture, T-Men. Claire Trevor was eventually cast.

Ann's car is a 1946 Dodge Custom convertible coupe. New, it cost $1,649 ($20,420 in 2016). In excellent condition, it can now fetch over $50,000 at auction (as of 2016). Practically unchanged from the 1946 through 1949 model years, only 9,500 were made.

The $50,000 Joe wants from Rick would equal about $500,000 in 2016.

Pat drives Joe away from the prison in a 1946 Dodge DeLuxe 4-door sedan. MSRP new was $1,339 ($16,600 in 2016).

Part of the reason Raw Deal looks so authentic is the costumes. Rick's dressing gown is a silk Sulka, the most expensive made for almost a hundred years and he smokes with a solid gold Cartier holder that would fetch $2-3k today.