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  • An ex-race car driver becomes a trucker (Richard Arlen, going from "Wings" to wheels). The plot dishes up enough action to keep things interesting. Roscoe Karns steals every scene he's in, as usual, but lovely Jean Rogers isn't given enough to do. This is a good example of the taut programmer that often held your attention as much or more than the main feature. I actually saw it in its first release on the second half of a double bill at the Hollywood Theatre in Kenosha. ("Speed to Spare" also had some great posters, and I found a few posted on the Internet.) As you can see, this picture was memorable and interesting enough for me to comment on it a half-century later, and I found a VHS copy of it last year. (No, I don't recall the main feature that night.)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Race car driver becomes truck driver.

    This movie is outstanding! Well worth your time to check it out. The DVD I have has some kinda lighting glitch. Also some of the special effects where amateurish. But William Berke,Milton Raison and crew did an out standing job on this. Well Done!!

    Richard Arlen,Pat Phelan,Roscoe Karns, and Ian MacDonald drove the Stusebaker big rig. Richard Arlen,Pat Phelan, and Roscoe Karns where permanent A list actors. This is the second time Ian MacDonald has driven a truck in a separate movie. Ian MacDonald was a permanent A+ list actor. Eddy Waller drove an unknown make truck. Eddy Waller was a permanent A list actor.

    Jean Rogers and Nanette Parks where hot!!