Director Ernst Lubitsch died early in production, and Otto Preminger completed the film.

In later years Betty Grable said it was her least favorite of all her movies.

Irene Dunne was considered for the title role before Betty Grable was cast.

The movie turned out to be a box office flop. On its initial release it made one million dollars less than it cost to make. It is rarely seen and has only appeared on Turner Classic Movies once.

At nearly 2 and a half million dollars, the most expensive film in the career of Ernst Lubitsch.

The ending of the movie had to be changed to get the Hays Seal of Approval. In the original operetta and two movie versions, the Baron and Baroness are happily reunited, but in this version, they divorce and she marries the bandit chieftain. The change was made to avoid the suggestion that the filmmakers were condoning extramarital romance.