Thanks to director Friz Freleng, this was the first feature film appearance of Warners' most famous cartoon character, Bugs Bunny.

This film's earliest documented telecast took place in Tucson Thursday 13 September 1956 on KDWI (Channel 3); it first aired in Cincinnati Sunday 7 October 1956 on WKRC (Channel 12), in Portland OR Monday 7 January 1957 on KLOR (Channel 12), and in Columbus Tuesday 5 February 1957 on WTVN (Channel 6). At this time, color broadcasting was in its infancy, limited to only a small number of high rated programs, primarily on NBC and NBC affiliated stations, so these film showings were still in B&W. Most viewers were not offered the opportunity to see these films in their original Technicolor until several years later. In Honolulu it enjoyed its first colorcast Tuesday 30 January 1958 on KHVH (Channel 13); in Philadelphia it was first aired in B&W Tuesday 13 January 1959 on WFIL (Channel 6), and, after repeated B&W showings, finally offered a colorcast presentation Wednesday 20 July 1960.

At beginning of the rodeo, the star is upside down on a Texas flag carried by a rider in a red shirt on a black horse. The star orientation is correct on another Texas flag that is mounted on the rodeo grand stand..