Four episodes were broadcast on NBC station WNBT-TV in New York City between June and October 1946. The show was picked up by NBC for national broadcasting in 1949.

One of the 1946 WNBT episodes, "Something in the Wind", was restaged during the 1949 season.

Adapted from a radio thriller series of the same name, which began on WENR Chicago in 1934.

The titles of the WNBT episodes were: "First Person Singular" (tx June 30, 1946), "Something in the Wind" (tx August 11, 1946), "DeMortius" (tx September 1, 1946), and "The Brave Man with a Cord" (tx October 13, 1946).

In 1951, this show was being televised on Mondays at 9:00 p.m., was sponsored by Amident, and the toothpaste and the show were doing well. Billboard Magazine for June 1951 stated this show was the top-rated mystery/crime show on television at that time. However, CBS debuted I Love Lucy (1951) in the same time spot that fall, and this show was cancelled the next year.