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  • Warning: Spoilers
    When people list really BAD shows from the early days of television, this show usually gets mentioned. Even the usually excellent book "The Forgotten Network" pans this show. I don't understand why though. I recently viewed the sole surviving recording of this short-lived program, and it ain't bad. Episode includes: A nice "modern dancer", a couple of OK comedy sketches, an excellent Jazz musical performance ("I've always liked ragtime" - "It ain't called ragtime anymore, it's bebop!"), a fun DuMont Television Set commercial (Wally Cox flubs his lines) and a cute comedy song sung by a female singer. Certainly not great TV, but honestly I don't see how it's THAT bad. The series was set in a classroom, and yes, it's extremely uneven, but, parts of the episode were VERY enjoyable. Not at all a "massive turkey" as often claimed, I do wish this series had lasted longer, and that more episodes were preserved. Of course, greater things laid ahead during the next couple of years for The DuMont Network...