Italian censorship visa #7591 dated 7 March 1950.

The film was adapted into a French opera, "Femmes Sans Nom," which was performed at the Theatre National de L'Opera on 22 June 1950. It starred Simone Simon, Françoise Rosay as the Countess, Vivi Gioi as the Bavarian, Irasema Dilián as the Polish girl, Valentina Cortese as the Yugoslav, Gino Cervi as the Brigadier, and many others of the film cast. The adaptation and dialogues were done by Géza von Radványi, René Barjavel and Liana Ferri. Music was performed by Camille Sauvage and orchestra. The opera program also lists Jean Rigaux, Madame Geori-Boué, Roger Bourdin, Édith Piaf, and Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. The event was called "Gala du Radium" and benefits went to the International Union against Cancer.