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  • The plot and action sequences of this serial are average for a latter-day Republic serial, but the nifty cast lifts it above the ordinary. Kirk "Superman" Alyn is very good in the action lead, Rosemary LaPlanche is fine as the heroine,and the dependable James Dale is a sturdy sidekick. In the villain's camp, the ubiquitous Roy Barcroft is superb, as always, and Carol Forman is menacing as the head of Underworld Inc., Nila. She also semi-reprises her role as The Spider Lady, in the Superman serial. Among the supporting cast are sometimes-serial lead Bruce Edwards (THE BLACK WIDOW), and James Craven. Marshal Reed and Tristam Coffin, who have both starred in other serials, have small parts as a police detective and a lawyer, respectively. As for the plot, which involves an Arab treasure, most of it is fairly standard stuff, but there is one unique (I think) twist that really comes as a surprise. This is a good serial, and Republic aficiandos should check it out.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a Republic serial, which is to say that it is tedious watching. You'll find everything about this cheap and unimaginative. The device this time is an evil woman who has one of a pair of golden hands. Obtaining the second and solving a puzzle will result in untold riches. The "underworld" (meaning the criminal class) is involved.

    It moves only as far as a car explosion or a capture and then resets until the last chapter. The only interesting thing about this was the evil villain, played by Carol Forman. Hard to believe it but moviegoers of the time actually saw the characters more on lobby posters than on the screen. Though Carol never appeared in a color movie that I know, everyone knew her as a brilliant redhead.

    She's no great actress, and this is no great story. But even though she's not given many villainessy things to do, she's a great villain, memorable. Or so it seemed in the day.

    Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.