Joan Phillips Boothe: May I come in?

Barky: Ask a foolish question, and you get a foolish answer.

Horace Corrigan: [to Joan] If you're looking for bargains, go to a department store. Don't come to a track unless you want to get hurt.

Horace Corrigan: [to Joan] If you're here for the cure, maybe you and I could get together for dinner.

Joan Phillips Boothe: If I'm here for the what?

Horace Corrigan: The cure - six weeks in the Nevada sunshine and you rid yourself of whatever ails you. You know, lumbago, matrimony, the common cold.

David Boothe: Have you ever been in Las Vegas?

Dr. Rojac: Where?

David Boothe: Right in the middle of the Nevada desert you bump into a cockeyed oasis. It's a wide-open, 24-hour-a- day carnival that lives off three things - quick marriages, quick divorces, quick money, won and lost. $3 billion changed hands across the gambling table in Nevada last year, 3 billion. Those are the state's official figures and why not? Everybody likes to gamble. It's fun for most people, but for some people, it's a trap. It grabs down deep and won't let go.

Horace Corrigan: Go to bed, Mrs. Boothe. If you have to have bad dreams, have them there. They do less damage.

David Boothe: [to Joan standing atop the Hoover Dam] They tell me there's never been a single suicide off here, yet back in Chicago they drop off those high buildings like flies.

David Boothe: What's it all about, Joan? What are you doing here?