Danny Mitchell: Counselor Frank says the five of us are the whole world if we were multiplied enough. So the way I see it, if the council gives us the house, it's like they're saving the world.

Danny Mitchell: It's true he didn't write a new will, but he showed clear intentions. Clear intentions can be made legal, anybody can understand that.

Hugh Mitchell: I can't help it if my son picks up legal phrases and uses them without any understanding of what they mean.

Counsellor Frank A. Gibson: There is a spirit of tolerance and goodwill here such as which I have not experienced anywhere else in my life.

Roger 'Tuck' Worden: You fellas ever read the Declaration of Independence?

Danny Mitchell: No, tell us all about it.

Roger 'Tuck' Worden: Well I've written a declaration of independence just for us.

Roger 'Tuck' Worden: If it's right for our dads to have secrets, why isn't it right for us?

Gono Sandoval: Counselor Frank once said building walls to keep people outside make people inside forget about people outside.

Fred Gibson: Never mind about the people inside, we'll build the wall.