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  • Powerful melodrama, about Guilt, thanks to the quality of the direction, the beautiful settings (on location in Sardinia), the wonderful actors (Columba Dominguez is unforgettable), the photography and the successful atmosphere, L'EDERA (the ivy) - also known as DELITTO PER AMORE, is really worth watching (thank you FUORI ORARIO on RAI 3 who just aired it a couple of days ago). The visual tension starts from the striking beginning of the film and keeps you very concerned with the cruel dilemma Annesa is experiencing. Augusto GENINA is still generally despised - I think - mainly because of his very questionable link with the Fascist regime during the Second World War. It reminds me of the very low consideration such an interesting director like Edward Dmytryk (see The Carpetbaggers) suffers from the mainstream film-lovers (in France). By naming names during the Witch Hunt in the USA, he became a doomed director which films are often neglected if not rejected... I strongly advise you to re-discover the work of some directors who made mistakes in their personal lives, you may have powerful surprises !