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  • dbdumonteil10 March 2019
    It was to be Jean-Paul Paulin's last effort ;high time he called it a day for ,unlike some previous efforts ("L'Abbé Constantin" " L'Esclave Blanc " "Trois De Saint-Cyr" "la Nuit Merveilleuse " and even "Echec au Roy" and " L'Homme Qui Vendit Son Ame Au Diable " ...) ,this bomb has virtually nothing to recommend it ;a dreadful pot-pourri of horrible songs (the title song " Folie Douce" =sheer madness,plus some others each one lousier than the one before) ,third-rate acting and cock and bull story .

    A chief executive officer thinks he is the captain of a pirates ship and is confined to a mental hospital ,but he manages to escape ;one of the employees of his firm inherits his uncle's castle ,but it's mortgaged to the last brick : with two other colleagues ,he goes to a " corsair ball" where they meet again the escapee from the insane asylum ....

    Stay away ...
  • This movie is not the kind of comedy I'm looking for, it's the kind of junk comedies that are difficult to see, like "Faites moi confiance" written by Francis Blanche (so bad that viewers in the theaters destroyed the chairs). Directed by Jean-Pierre Paulin, "Folie douce" is appalling by the very poor gags poorly played by the casting, yet with sometimes a quick rhythm. For me the only interest are some outside settings in the village, but that's all. Don't waste your time, that movie doesn't need restoration, other forgotten masterpieces are more urgent to discover, like "la Fille du Diable" by Henri Decoin for example, and so many more.