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  • Robert McKimson, to my mind, was the funniest animator WB had, because he used animation not just for comedy involving physical impossibilities, but for character-based physical comedy, the sort that made WC Fields great, the sort where a character expresses themselves physically. Added to which, the violence was always highly comic. In The Fractured Leghorn, the McKimson cat is chasing a worm for fishing and Foghorn is in competition for the worm, constantly (often violently) upbraiding the cat, who never speaks, and accusing him of being a gasbag, blabbermouth etc etc. The comic crescendo for me is when the cat, crawling backwards away from the Foghorn tirade, crawls through a horse trough under the water and Foghorn follows, sticking his head into the trough and under the water to continue his monologue, which is now just bubbles and burbling. But this is just one of many comic gem moments in this cartoon. I think overall, I like McKimson best because he had a better sense of humour; he was just funnier than the others.
  • Foghorn Leghorn is a very funny and distinctive character. As far as Looney Tunes characters go, I prefer Daffy and Bugs but like Pepe LePew I appreciate Foghorn and his humour more as a 20 year old than I did as a child. A Fractured Leghorn is one of his absolute best. The animation is very nicely done, with fluid backgrounds, vibrant colour and a slightly thinner-than-before Foghorn is well drawn. The cat is not quite so much but still good enough. The music is similarly terrific, it's very beautiful and energetic and enhances the humour and action wonderfully. A Fractured Leghorn is hilarious, as heard in his dialogue Foghorn has such a sharp and quick wit that you're in non-stop laughter mode throughout. Seeing how he knocks over the cat constantly and bets him in who gets the worm makes for some of the best physical comedy of any of Foghorn's cartoons. The story is simple, and also more surprising and less routine than some of the outings with Barnyard Dog(every bit as great, don't get me wrong), the energy similarly is great. Foghorn is hilarious as usual, the cat is a good crafty character without saying many words(he only has one line) and the worm is cute. Mel Blanc is top notch as Foghorn, he is very loud and not very subtle here but I just marvel at his effortless manic energy and the ability to make each piece of dialogue even funnier than they already are with his line delivery. To conclude, if you love Foghorn, you will find A Fractured Leghorn a pleasure. 9/10 Bethany Cox
  • Fun Foghorn Leghorn short from Bob McKimson. This time Foghorn and an unnamed cat are both trying to catch a little green worm. They must be stingy with the chicken feed on that farm. Anyway most of the jokes in the cartoon come from Foghorn being the blowhard, talking non-stop to the point where even I was almost irritated by him. The cat doesn't get a lot to do but suffer. But he does so in very funny ways, such as the tractor gag. He also had one amusing bit involving a gun that I laughed at. The animation is lovely and colorful. Lively music from Carl Stalling. Great voice work from Mel Blanc, as usual. The highlight of the short for me was the note from the fish that began "Dear Dope." Funny stuff.
  • I remember how, when I was young and watched Robert McKimson's Foghorn Leghorn short "A Fractured Leghorn", I heard Foggy ask the anonymous cat "Who do you think you are?! George Washington?!". I of course didn't understand, as I had never heard the story about our first president chopping down a cherry tree and confessing. Of course, I suspect that it was a made-up story, part of our national myth. Analogies include stories in the Soviet Union about some glorious peasant rebelling against the landowners and often getting martyred.

    But anyway, this is a pretty funny cartoon. As always, FL spends much of the time talking (as many southerners would do), until finally the cat has a statement of his own; since that was his only line, I would call him a feline version of Bill O'Reilly.

    All in all, an entertaining one. Foghorn, I say Foghorn Leghorn is definitely an admirable character. Likable, that is.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    . . . mathematician Foghorn Leghorn hypothesizes toward the end of another prescient offering from Warner Bros.' Extreme Early Warning System for We Americans of (The Then) Far Future. Warner's Animated Shorts Seers division (aka, The Looney Tuners) could have prognosticated about countless "nothings" in the Racist Machinegun Pedophilia Party (that is, the Fluffy Dog currently Tri-headed in the USA by Red Commie KGB Chief Vlad "The Mad Russian" Putin's lead trio of operatives, Don Juan Rump, Steve Paddock, and "Judge" Roy Moore). However, Warner's clairvoyant psychics focus their attention on the Quick instead of the Dead here (that is, Rump and Moore) in A FRACTURED LEGHORN. The episode from 4:10 through 4:30 featuring a feline trying to "Get his worm up" by elevating a green caterpillar out of the ground with a bicycle tire pump proves that this uncool cat is meant by Warner's Symbologists to represent Putin's impotent White House Sock-Puppet-in-Chief, Rump. The worm, of course, is standing in for the most endangered species in America Today: 14-year-old girls. This is an acquired taste on the part of Hard Core Satanists such as Moore and his backers, Warner warns us when perverted worm lover Leghorn\Moore growls at Pussycat Rump "You're a cat, and cats don't eat worms!" Leghorn\Moore then accuses Cat\Rump of taking food out of his mouth (alluding to the videos widely-circulated in Satan's Country showing Rump using his tiny digits to torture a multitude of terrorized Russian teen gals during his stay at the Kremlin for a "beauty pageant"). Warner asphyxiates the Rump\Cat with carbon monoxide during A FRACTURED LEGHORN, while dyeing Moore\Leghorn's noggin with green paint to denote the international symbol of a Condemned Pedophiliac. Moore\Leghorn is subsequently beheaded during the closing music of this brief cartoon as he tries to filibuster about not ever meeting his young victims. These highlighted episodes are Warner's way of warning We True Blue Loyal Patriotic Normal Average 99 Per Center Silent Majority Progressive Union Label Citizens that all of the Racist Machinegun Pedophiliac Party Ringleaders (aka, the Repugs or Goopers) MUST be liquidated ASAP. Furthermore, those space fillers in the Fascist Confederate Nazi Red Commie Crimson Tide states such as Roy Moore's Alabama (apparently mostly products of bestiality, incest, or other Crimes against Nature) who delight in bragging that they'll vote for Satan Himself to keep Putin in Power must be stripped of their U.S. citizenship as Traitors Guilty of High Treason. More importantly, then they must be relieved of ALL of their ill-gotten assets, property, and weapons under America's Civil Forfeiture Statutes, and deported IMMEDIATELY to Antarctica's Larsen Ice Shelf B, as spelled out in multiple Warner Bros. Looney Tunes.