No one seems concerned that an adult "Red" passionately kisses a 16 year old "Gwen" on the lips after she says she that she loves him.

This movie starts with Lyla Lawrence (Diana Dors) being told the story of a girl gone bad in an attempt to sway her from a similar fate. Diana portrayed such a girl in Blonde Sinner (1956).

The £10 Max pays the doctor for patching him up and forgetting about it would equate to about $40 at the time or around $440 in 2020.

The car Red is driving when he is carjacked is a 1947 Hillman Minx Mk I drop-head coupe.

The final section of this film appears to have been inspired by the real-life case of Karl Hulten, an American GI stationed in Britain in World War II, and his English mistress Betty Jones; this would have been quite recent when this film was made. Hulten and Jones went on a crime spree after he had deserted from the army, and he was subsequently executed for murder.