The subway station scene was filmed in the then-closed Court Street IND station. It was taken out service in 1946 and since 1976 is the home of the NYC Transit Museum.

Once thought to be a lost movie, it was restored in 2019 by Nicolas Winding Refn's company, byNWR, from the discovered only known print held at the British Film Institute.

The $200,000 that Smitty offers to Max would be equivalent to over $2.3 Million in 2021.

Last movie of Mary Boland.

The character Varkas, portrayed by J. Edward Bromberg, says he is not in good shape and that he has a condition, patting himself near his heart. The year after this film was released, Bromberg himself would suffer a fatal heart attack just a few weeks shy of his 48th birthday.

Penultimate feature film for Faye Emerson and her first in nearly four years since Nobody Lives Forever (1946). Her final film would be Main Street to Broadway (1953) where she plays herself.

Shot "guerrilla style" on location in New York City as the producers did not pay for any filming or other permits. The police were paid to look the other way, and these amounts were entered as "schmear money" in the film's budget ledger.

The jukebox is Dalio's Cafe is a 1946-7 Aireon 1200 Airliner Super Deluxe. It could play 24 78-rpm records. About 10,000 were made.

Last film of J. Edward Bromberg.

Last film of Jed Prouty.