Quotes (13)

Kim: How do you fair on the road?

Lama: On charity. What is the custom of charity in this town? In silence or aloud?

Kim: Those who beg in silence starve in silence.

Lama: I beg as the master begged. Even as he went, so do I.

Mahbub Ali, the Red Beard: When a colt is born to be a polo pony, I think it would be a crime to bind him to a heavy cart.

Kim: He who travels alone travels fastest.

Mahbub Ali, the Red Beard: But not as safely.

Mahbub Ali, the Red Beard: Well done, friend of all the world, well done.

Kim: Gratitude is good for the ear, but a rupee is better for the stomach.

Mahbub Ali, the Red Beard: One day you'll make a great trader.

Mahbub Ali, the Red Beard: [With urgency] Down! Keep down! The night is full of eyes!

Kim: But for this meeting, your head would be full of holes.

Mahbub Ali, the Red Beard: [to Kim] You belong with your own people. A true man, like a true horse, runs with his own breed.

Kim: [to the letter writer] What manner of inquisitive goat are you? Thy mother was married under a basket and thy father was a sweeper of the stables.

Emissary: [Talking to the Russians about Kim] Leave him to me. We have our own way of loosening a tongue.

Kim: [as they are about to cross a stream, Kim spots a cobra on a rock] No, holy one, don't go there. See - a cobra, king cobra!

Lama: [Kim picks up a large stone to kill it] No, let him live out his life! He's bound on the wheel of life as we are. Great evil this soul must have done to be reborn in this shape!

Hurree Chunder: [Noticing that Hurree Chunder has noticed a pretty girl driving by] The sky is the same color wherever you go.

Mahbub Ali, the Red Beard: Son of 10.000 maggots. Mudhead, thy mother was born under a basket.

Kim: Be careful, Mahbub Ali.

Mahbub Ali, the Red Beard: [With bravado] Mahbub Ali does not die tonight.

uncredited: Begone, thou filth of the earth. Thou infected descendant of unspeakable slime!