Adam Dunne: Harry is an artist without an art.

Mary Bristol: What does that mean?

Adam Dunne: Well, that is something that could make a man very unhappy, Mary, groping for the right level, the means with which to express himself.

Mary Bristol: Yes, he is that. Is not he? I like that, Adam. It is a very nice thought.

Adam Dunne: Yes, but it can be dangerous.

Phil Nosseross, Silver Fox Club: You don't know what you're getting into.

Helen Nosseross: I know what I'm getting out of.

Mary Bristol: Harry. Harry. You could have been anything. Anything. You had brains... ambition. You worked harder than any 10 men. But the wrong things. Always the wrong things...

Opening voice-over: Night and the city. The night is tonight, tomorrow night... or any night. The city is London.

Googin the Forger: If you ain't got socks you can't pull 'em up, can you?

Harry Fabian: [to Figler] How much are you sellin' me for?

Mary Bristol: Harry, do you know what you're doing? You're killing me. You're killing me and yourself.

Mary Bristol: [Opening dialogue as she suddenly comes in and sees Harry going through her purse] You won't find any money in there, Harry/

Gregorius: That is what I do... to your clowns.