One of three movies that Oliver Hardy acted in without his partner Stan Laurel during the 25 year period that they made comedies together. The other two are Zenobia (1939) and The Fighting Kentuckian (1949).

Through the use of archive footage from the 1934 film Broadway Bill (1934), Forrester Harvey manages to appear as the trainer of "Gallant Lady" in this 1950 film despite having died in 1945. In addition, Harry C. Bradley died in 1947, Alfred P. James died in 1946, Louis Natheaux died in 1942 and Harry Semels died in 1946, and all had footage from the earlier film edited skillfully into this film.

Oliver Hardy could have played himself in this movie, as he was a regular at the Santa Anita Racetrack. For a short time, he owned a stable of horses.

Previously filmed as Broadway Bill (1934), also directed by Frank Capra, and starring Warner Baxter and Myrna Loy. The climactic horse race is footage from the earlier version. 'Raymond Walburn' (Pettigrew) and 'Clarence Muse' (Whitey) repeat their roles as well. In addition, other actors repeated roles with slightly different character names: Ward Bond, Margaret Hamilton, Irving Bacon, Frankie Darro, Charles Lane, Pat Moriarty, Paul Harvey and Douglass Dumbrille.

John F. Seitz shot the Tanforan racetrack sequence, uncredited.

Mona Freeman, Joan Leslie and Geraldine Brooks mentioned for female lead ultimately played by Colleen Gray.

His uncredited role as, naturally, a musician was the final screen appearance for Ish Kabibble (M. A. Bogue).