Harry: From this distance it would only appear a mere speck.

Major Corrigan: A mere speck? *Texas* a mere speck?

Floyd: I've been wondering, how did a girl like you get mixed up in a thing like this in the first place.

Dr. Lisa Van Horn: I suppose you think that women should only cook and sew and bear children.

Floyd: Isn't that enough?

Dr. Karl Eckstrom: With that differential of six over N to the thirtieth power the halfway check result is two hundred and sixty-two thousand to three hundred and forty-one thousand both using tangent E, correct?

Dr. Lisa Van Horn: That isn't the result I have.

Dr. Karl Eckstrom: They must be the same. There is an error there.

Dr. Lisa Van Horn: [defensive] I have made no error, Doctor Eckstrom.

Dr. Karl Eckstrom: I have to say that you have made an error and to discard your figures. I'm sorry.

Dr. Lisa Van Horn: [sarcastic] Don't be.

Dr. Karl Eckstrom: Surely you are not going to let emotion enter into this?

Dr. Lisa Van Horn: [dejected] Certainly not.

Dr. Karl Eckstrom: We will continue computing using my results as a basis.

Dr. Lisa Van Horn: Yes, I... Except that I feel very strongly I should say we should try both.

Dr. Karl Eckstrom: We can't. To complete either calculation would take six to eight hours; we can't afford the time. It's either one or the other, Doctor Van Horn.

Dr. Lisa Van Horn: [pleading] But it doesn't have to be. You can't be arbitrary about imposing your will when these people's lives are at stake, don't you realize that? And you speak as calmly as if you were saying 'Pass the salt.' Aren't you human? Are you made of ice?

[brief pause as she collects herself]

Dr. Lisa Van Horn: I'm sorry, I apologize.

Dr. Karl Eckstrom: For what? For momentarily being a woman? It's completely understandable, Miss Van Horn. Now shall we go ahead?

Dr. Lisa Van Horn: Yes Doctor.

Dr. Ralph Fleming: Tomorrow we start construction of RXM-2.

Dr. Lisa Van Horn: What does it mean, Doctor?

Dr. Karl Eckstrom: It means there are times when a mere scientist has gone as far as he can, when he must pause and observe respectfully while something infinitely greater assumes control. I believe this is one of those times.

[Floyd and Lisa comfort Eckstrom, who was mortally wounded by a Martian's axe]

Floyd: Murdering savages!

Dr. Eckstrom: No Floyd. Poor fear-crazed despairing wretches. Pity them. Pity them!

Floyd: [Aloud about Lisa after the blood pressure reading have been taken on the entire crew] The weaker sex! She's the only one whose blood pressure is normal!