Susan Starrling: I'm glad Celia went to the early show. I don't think she likes us very much.

David I. Starrling: Susan, what a dreadful thing to say about your mother.

Susan Starrling: She's not my mother. My mother's dead. You said so yourself.

David I. Starrling: Celia's your mother now. It's not easy for her. Promise me you won't say thing like that again.

Susan Starrling: OK, I promise. I won't say it again. But I'll still think it.

Susan Starrling: Miss me?

David I. Starrling: Every minute. You miss me?

Susan Starrling: Twice a minute.

Dr. Caroline Canford: Bad dreams are a way of pretending things didn't happen.

Dell Faring: I know it sounds silly, David, but I'm terribly happy.

Dell Faring: [to Celia] From the day you were born I haven't had a day of my life.

Dr. Caroline Canford: When I dashed in here, I'd have cheerfully choked both of you.