Reportedly Jane Powell's personal favorite of her movies.

The main hotel set had been used some months previously in Annie Get Your Gun (1950). Clinton Sundberg appeared as the hotel manager in both films. In the same "waste not, want not" tradition, some of the "Annie" costumes were also reused.

The song "Aba Daba Honeymoon," originally recorded in 1914, became a hit recording for Debbie Reynolds and Carleton Carpenter following the release of the film.

During the "That's How I Love You" song Debbie Reynolds' character (Melba) plays the French horn. Debbie Reynolds actually played the French horn in high school.

According to an April 1950 "Daily Variety" news item, many scenes in the picture were filmed twice: once for prints to be shown to American audiences, and a second time, with the substitution of certain words and phrases, for British audiences.

"Lux Radio Theater" broadcast a 60 minute radio adaptation of the movie on September 8, 1952 with Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds and Ricardo Montalban reprising their film roles.

One of the main plot points in the movie is that Phyllis Kirk's character is two years older than Jane Powell's character. This was a fact in real life. Phyllis Kirk was born in 1927, Jane Powell was born in 1929.

Jane Powell played Debbie Reynolds older sister in the film. They shared a birthday, April 1st. Three years apart.

According to a December 1948 "M-G-M News" item, Elizabeth Taylor was originally set for the part played by Jane Powell.

The working title of this film was "The Tender Hours".

This film was a success at the box office, earning MGM a profit of $199,000 ($2.17M in 2019) according to studio records.