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  • Loring10 June 2005
    Everyone who has already commented has said just about all one can about this extraordinary accomplishment in TV entertainment. I would just like to add this. Some years ago, I saw a comic strip panel that showed the following. We see two gas pumps, one labeled Fred and the other Ethyl. That's it. Evokes a little chuckle. How many shows made the names of their characters so much part of our culture, that 50 years later, a pun like that would be immediately understood by young and old alike? You teenagers out there, do you remember Conklin and Boynton? Or Lily Ruskin and Hilda Crocker? How about Cosmo and Henrietta Topper? Seems to me it is just I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners that have stood the test of time and appealed to all generations. The Bach and Beethoven of TV. Real classics. I am so happy Lucy is finally available on DVD, with plenty of entertaining and fascinating extras.
  • twanurit10 July 2003
    It's still the best television series ever created: still playing on about 4 channels all the time here in the Bay Area. Beautiful Lucille Ball is a master of line delivery and facial expressions, never topped. Vivian Vance has the best supporting role in TV history, a warm, funny, sympathetic character. Desi Arnaz offers the first known Latino-Caucasian pairing ever while William Frawley excels as Vance's husband. Almost all shows are classics, even the lesser known ones. Writing is outstanding, dealing with everyday problems that all can still relate to, never dating. Unlike other TV series, it's VERY SLOWLY being released to DVD, accenting its special status. TV Guide gave it a number 2 rating in its 100 greatest comedy television series (following "Seinfeld"). While "Seinfeld" should be in the Top 10, Lucy was and will always be the pinnacle best.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I want to echo all those who have praised Desi Arnaz--he was simply the best straight man in show business. Lucille Ball was incredibly funny, but when you watch her later series, there seems to be something missing--and it's of course Desi. He's hilarious, and as others have mentioned a real pioneer in TV production. Throw in his musical ability and he's hard to beat as performer by anyone (better than Jackie Gleason in my opinion).

    As for the show itself, it's timeless. These days it's strange to watch MASH, All In The Family, Maude, they've all faded and seem hopelessly dated. Not so with I Love Lucy, it's just as funny today--no it doesn't deal with abortion, or teen suicide, it deals with funny people who are even funnier when they are together, who have great chemistry together and then the show puts them into genuinely funny situations. In todays politically correct world, one wonders if the thought police would have allowed Lucy to jab at Ricky's accent, or would require some sort of social message about Lucy's role as a housewife. Please. I tend to find more meaning in Ricky singing "I Love Lucy" or Lucy trying to sneak into Ricky's show down at the Tropicana after he's banned her than in all of Maude's tired feminist rants put together.
  • Lucille Ball changed television forever when "I Love Lucy" hit the air in 1951. It featured a woman as a main character, which was rare back during that time and age. And the fact that the woman did not listen to her husband often was even more controversial. Everything the show was was rebellious. It was also extremely controversial because her husband was Cuban, and back in the '50's, barely anyone married other races, and if so, the subject was definitely not the premise for a television show.

    So, through the ages, I Love Lucy has had a major impact on generations, and has not slipped into culture like many shows, but has been accepted into culture. Not to mention all the Lucy impersonators who have pageants each and every year. But the thing I remember most, is the famous "Eeeooowww!"

    5/5 stars --

    John Ulmer
  • This was the show that truly invented the situation comedy. Lucy was the show that truly put forth a situation each week and built a plot around it. Whether it was switching jobs, breaking into show business or just getting into trouble, Lucy and Ricky were just the couple for this show. I always enjoy watching it whenever its on, especially the episodes from the "Little Ricky" era. This show is a timeless classic that will always span the generations.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Decades after the ultimate popularity of the series,what more is thereto say about "I Love Lucy" ?

    This show was one of,if not the very first,well put together sitcoms in TV history. The show is the original blueprint for what most sitcoms in the future would later become. There's really no bad episodes of this show and that's due not just to Lucille Ball but to Desi,Vivian and William as well!

    It's the original re-run that launched the idea of syndicated re-runs for constant replay on local station and then on Nick At Nite & TV Land. Although some references on the show might make younger viewers scratch their heads,the comedy and stories are pretty timeless.

    One of the best things about the Lucy character for me is not just her hilarious attempts at getting into Ricky's act but the way she,a woman of the 1950s,stands up for herself as a woman. I also like when the stories get sentimental when focusing on either their anniversary,the birth of the baby.

    I especially like the scene in the Hollywood show,where Lucy's been offered a studio contract and she's been guilt tripped by Rick & the Mertzes about the fact she'd have to stay in Hollywood while they went back home to New York.

    Imagining her career and then the sadder parts of being away from her family all come out in wonderful facial & body expression. Which demonstrated that she's not just a comedian,she was also an actress. (I hated that she gave up that once in a lifetime chance though.)

    One last little thing to note,in the episodes where the Ricardos & Mertzes move to Connecticut,there is a Grandfather clock by the front door of Lucy & Ricky's home.

    I've noticed that this clock never says any other time but 12! In one show Ricky comes home from work at what should be evening but,of course,the clock still says 12.

    I never noticed that until the other day.

    Oh well,even a great show like this can make mistakes. (End)
  • It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can watch this show and think it isn't funny. Easily the most beloved series in the history of televison, I LOVE LUCY is a timeless milestone classic which will never be equalled. The casting is perfection personified: Ball's attractiveness, grace, vigour & timing are impeccable. Desi was an underrated straight man who was alternately funny himself - and with that inimitable Cuban accent yet. Bill Frawley and Vivian Vance seemed to BE Fred and Ethel Mertz: who else could play these loveable characters so memorably effective as they? Talk about inspired casting! The chemistry between the four is more than amazing: it's phenomenal. Bob Carroll, Jr. & Madelyn Pugh were truly gifted writers and Jess Oppenheimer gave the series its certain elusive magical quality which vanished after he left over issues with Desi. The show was still terrific during the latter part of its run, but after Oppenheimer left and Bob Schiller and Bob Weiskoff were added to write the scripts, the show's predictibility was definitely more pronounced. I think Vivian Vance was a truly underrated performer: her timing, delivery, facial expressions and gestures are joys to watch! Lucy herself - to her credit - acknowledged Vance's brilliant talent. P.S. one of my very favourite Lucy moments is during a scene in the lesser-known THE SAXOPHONE. Ball's timing - when she opens up the coat closet to find a strange man hidden therein - is split second perfection: hilariously funny.
  • First of all, just about every aspect of this show's premise was implausible: that Lucy and Ricky would even be married to each other and that they would be best friends with the much older Mertzes. (Although William Frawley was 64 when the show started, Vivian Vance was 42, close to Lucille Ball's age, but Ethel was supposed to be much older). Anyway, the show worked in spite of, or maybe even because of this.

    Almost every episode was good, except for some weak ones during the first season. And even though the show is over 50 years old, it doesn't seem dated like other old shows. It's still fresh and entertaining, even after repeated viewings.

    There are many well-known stories that have to do with Lucille Ball's vanity. She didn't want Ethel to wear nice clothes, so as not to overshadow Lucy. Vivian Vance's wardrobe was purchased off-the-rack in department stores, and Lucille Ball's was designed especially for her. And then there's the rumor that Vivian Vance was contractually obligated to be at least 25 pounds heavier than Lucille Ball. When Vivian Vance returned from summer hiatus one season having lost weight, Lucille Ball said, "You're looking a little too good there, Viv, we're going to have to fatten you up real quick."

    Not enough credit goes to the underrated Desi Arnaz. He was a brilliant, talented, and very, very funny man, but not in the same exaggerated over-the-top style of Lucille Ball. His facial expressions are priceless, especially when his eyes literally pop out of his head. It's too bad that he was overshadowed by his more famous wife. Even his daughter, Lucie Arnaz has been known to say that "my mother gets all the credit, but my father was the brains behind the show."
  • Petey-1014 September 2000
    The great female comedian Lucille Ball performed Lucy Ricardo who got herself in some strange situations in this comedy show that ran from 1951 to 1957.Desi Arnaz played her husband Ricky and the neighbors Fred and Ethel Mertz were played by William Frawley and Vivian Vance.I Love Lucy may be nearly fifty years old but the humor in it is timeless.It works no matter how old the show was.The actors were great and everything else was also great in this show.Everybody should watch I Love Lucy no matter how old or young you were.
  • The series, "I Love Lucy" could be the most classic T.V. show in the history of television!! Lucille Ball incorporated slapstick stunts in situations that would utterly appall many insufferable people!! The cast is great!! Comprising of; Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, her real life husband, Vivian Vance, and William Frawley.. Originally, the parts of Fred and Ethel Mertz were suppose to be played by Gale Gordon ("Here's Lucy") and Bea Benederitt ("Petticoat Junction").... While both of these performers were very talented, they sought other avenues, and Vivian Vance and William Frawley stepped in!! From there, the television audience could not imagine any two other people playing the role of the Mertz couple!! "I Love Lucy" was very successful for many reasons, one being that the ethnicity recognition sparked a behavioral candor which was identifiable with many people who watched television !! Special guest stars contributed to the popularity of this show tremendously!! Desi Arnaz, who was very talented, became a likable element on "I Love Lucy".. Yet, first and foremost, Lucille Ball, (An RKO Queen) and her wiles of chicanery, are what symbolized the auspicious trademark to this program!! Lucy was the lovable mischief maker who garnered a camaraderie with the small screen viewer!! Her later shows were classic as well, but, "I Love Lucy" was the show which most sticks out in everybody's mind as the stellar sitcom in Lucille Ball's career!! For years and years "I Love Lucy" has been enjoyed by generations of television viewers, and it will continue to be enjoyed by more and more generations in the future!! "I LOVE LUCY" IS TELEVISION!!
  • "I Love Lucy" is one of my faves guaranteed to elicit a constant belly laugh from me. Great way to start any day! Ball's comic timing in her scenes has NEVER been surpassed. Since I was born in 1945 this is also somewhat of an opportunity to see what life in America was like when I was a mischievous child. Today, of course, we know more than we want to about the real-life personality conflicts behind the scenes and Desi's constant insensitivity toward Lucille. Ms Ball was a great role model for young ladies, esp. in the industry, because of her managerial/financial/directorial brilliance. I don't think that the later "Lucy" sitcoms were even as good as the "I love Lucy" series.
  • atinrey2 August 2007
    We will never forget Lucy and his friends, in "I Love Lucy". Still today we enjoy them, till cry of a laugh. I remember her since I as a very little child, and my mother put me on bed to watch Lucy's. Every week we were in front of TV, waiting for her. Lucy was brilliant and full of life, intelligence, happiness and a charming girl. Mostly now, comparing her shows with what is on TV in our days. She did not need a bad word or an unfair joke to make people laugh. I also never seen my mother and wife as happy as when they watch Lucy's show. Lovely Lucy,rest in peace, and keep shining in heaven. Love from my family and I in Spain. That's all I have to say at the moment.
  • When I was a child of 9 I remember my parents watching the Horace Heidt musical show on Mondays at 9PM. When the show was cancelled the new I Love Lucy started in the fall of 1951. It was very funny and was the talk of everyone. Now over 50 years later I am still watching it in the repeats. Sadly, all the stars have passed on. The one thing that my wife and I notice now that we did not notice before was how cheap Fred and Ethel were. They were really "moochers". They could have donated something to the cost of trips, remodeling etc. One bizzare note is that Horace Heidt and Desi Arnaz both died on the same day.
  • ajlposh16 October 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    Who doesn't love Lucille Ball? She's funny, she's talented, she's beautiful. What can't this woman do? In I Love Lucy, we get to see Lucy at her utmost best. She is the main reason that this show is funny. She's had some great moments on this show, like the really long bread and the grape stomping. I can see why this is called one of the greatest shows of all time. She, Phyllis Diller,and Carol Burnett are the funniest women who have ever lived. I would have loved to meet Lucy, however, I'm only 15, so I wasn't even born yet when she died in 1989. Well, here's to the great Lucille Ball. We all love you Lucy. May God bless you.
  • I've watched the show since I was in kindergarten. It never crossed my mind that it's black and white. It is the best show. It's got so much history. Lucy was the reason I got into comedy. She's an inspiration. Desi is an inspiration for me as well. It never gets old. It'll never go away and we're not gonna let it.
  • To date, I have now seen every single episode from all 6 seasons of the "I Love Lucy" TV show from the 1950s. And, by far, I rate Season 4 as being the absolute best season of them all.

    In fact, I'd quite confidently say that when it came to the show's superiority in the realm of its hilarious scriptwriting, Season 4 was, without question, the ultimate peak of Sit-Com perfection.

    It was especially when the Ricardos and the Mertzes arrived in Hollywood, USA that this show's scriptwriters proved themselves to be at the absolute pinnacle of their craft by creating incomparably uproarious situations for Lucille Ball and her fellow cast members to indulge themselves in.

    This review of mine is my respectful tribute to writers Bob Carroll Jr., Madelyn Pugh, and Jess Oppenheimer who, as a team, surely must have worked like fiends behind the scenes as they wrote one memorable episode of priceless, 1950's comedy after another.

    I would also like to take this moment to salute and pay honour to director William Asher who was the one responsible for knowing exactly how to handle the script-material given to him and then mould the actors perfectly into the characters which they inevitably became. Even today, 60 years later, the "I Love Lucy" show still remains, on all levels, one of the most unique and unforgettable programs in all of television history, bar none.
  • edwagreen20 September 2007
    Memorable comedy show of the 1950s.

    How daring of Lucille Ball to go on television with her Cuban born husband, Desi Arnaz, in 1951. CBS took a bold step and the dividends certainly paid off.

    Even though they didn't get along at all off the cameras, Vivian Vance and William Frawley were the perfect neighbors for Lucy and Desi. It was Ethel who was also a part of Lucy's hair-brained schemes. Lucy always wanted to break into show business. Lucy was jealous of Desi. One show was where Lucy thought that Desi was going to kill her. Naturally, the classic shows was where Lucy advertised a vitamin, stepped on grapes, got her head caught in a vase, met various stars, and would be told by Desi to start 'splaining.

    Fred Mertz (Frawley) did a great imitation of Jack Benny's cheapness. Remember Mrs. Trumbull, the landlady? She was played by Elizabeth Patterson, a veteran actress who played just about everyone's mother in Hollywood.

    How can we forget the panic that ensued when Lucy told Desi that she was ready to give birth? We sure loved Lucy.
  • I admit it, not every episode is perfect. But most of them are. Lucille Ball will have you clutching your sides laughing in this classic comedy also starring, of course, her husband Desi Arnaz.

    I just found the first season on DVD, and started watching it again, and I just love this show. I am only thirteen years of age, but this show still makes me laugh so hard. Lucille Ball is a legend, and Desi sings quite well, well enough that I don't have to skip over the singing scenes in embarrassment.

    What makes Ball funny is her talent for making voices and hilarious expressions. That alone is enough to make you laugh, if not for the funny little comments exchanged between the Ricardos. Don't let the release date stop you: watch this show!
  • Network executives tried to play a race card by objecting to Desi Arnez even being Lucille Ball's husband in this. Like today, the media is still behind the general population. Not only did the public not object to Desi, but it is hard to imagine anyone else playing Lucy's mate now.

    This series really clicked on all cylinders all of the time. Lucy who had been schooled in physical comedy while at RKO studios by the great stone face, Buster Keaton, seemed to get better & better at it the longer the series ran. Desi got better & better at acting & comedy as the series kept on going.

    William Frawley was brilliant as Fred Mertz, & Vivian Vance was the perfect Ethel Mertz. No matter how zany Lucy got, the others were always there to either help her scheme or pick up the pieces. Some of the comedy is so timeless that the reruns prosper still more than 50 years after they were made.

    When Superman appeared, he met his match with Lucy. It's a Bird, It's A Plane, It's a Flying Redhead! The only Redhead nearly as famous as Lucy was Red Skelton & at times even his work was not as endearing as Lucy's was.
  • I love Lucy is my favorite TV show of all time. I've seen just about 90% of every episode made, there's about 20 episodes I haven't seen yet and I cant wait to see them. I grew up with I love Lucy and if I could meet any movie star Lucille Ball would be the one, but unfortunately she passed away a year before I was born. I love Lucy is a wonderful comedy full of laughter and love. Over the many years that I've watched the show, Lucy became more than just an actress to me, she became a part of the family. I love "I love Lucy". Every episode I've seen, I've seen at least 5 times which is a lot because there's like over 100 episodes. Some of my favorites would have to be the Golf game, Vitavetavegimen, Lucy tells the truth, and Ricky loses his temper. I would recommend anybody who loves comedy, loving, caring, family shows to watch I love Lucy. I'm sure you'll love Lucy as much as I do.
  • There are those certain things in life that you just can't seem to ever forget, and they will be with you throughout the rest of your life once you encounter them. Watching an episode of I Love Lucy is one of those encounters. I Love Lucy is a show above all shows that will live on in the hearts of millions for decades to come. It was a classic, insurmountable breakthrough in the history of television, and it is for that reason that people all over the world today still enjoy how hilarious and heartwarming this show was able to accomplish being.

    The cast made this masterpiece so brilliantly humorous and witty, and they continued to do so for 9 seasons, over and over again with the same material. They made every joke and antic we had seen before fresh and new because they were so wonderful at making us fall in love with them, and they made us relish and treasure their characters every moment of viewing; true talent. Lucille Ball, Desi Arnez, Vivian Vance and William Frawley left us with thousands of emotional and uproarious memories to cherish in the world today, and in the future.

    I Love Lucy is just supreme, in my honest opinion. I have considered this show my favorite of all time forever now and it is far better than any other show I have ever seen, which includes shows coming out recently and shows I have seen that came out back when this legend was just beginning. Sure, all of this is just in my opinion, but I also know I am agreed with on these opinions by thousands, millions, billions of people all over the world who have had the pleasure and honor of having this show be a part of their life. I get emotional every time I think about it, and I am almost brought to tears as I look back on all the amazing recollections that I Love Lucy has given me. Thank everyone who ever had anything to do with this show, for you have been able to take part in and create one of the most beloved shows of all time, and you have been able to change my life in one of the dearest ways possible.
  • bigfoot12711 July 2007
    This has got to be by far the best series I have ever seen on TV. I am the kind of person where it is hard to make me laugh, but I Love Lucy cracks me up every time. The cast is just perfect with Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred. The Hollywood and Europe episodes were the best though. This series might be over 50yrs old but it hasn't dated, it is still as funny as when it aired. The thing about this show is you can watch the same episodes time after time and you will still laugh. Not many shows make it so you can watch them over and over and not get bored of them. The chemistry of the cast was also genius, and the writers did an amazing job. This show will live through the test of time as it has already done.
  • cineasten894 December 2005
    If you haven't seen it, it's a serious case! I Love Lucy is one of the best classical TV comedy shows throughout time, and you just know nothing about what is funny if you haven't seen Lucille Ball's spoiled Lucy and Desi Arnaz's Ricky, a Cuban crooner, and their neighbors, Ethel and Fred. You will just enjoy the slap-sticks, the one-lines, the simple but funny story each episode, the ever fight between Ricky and Lucy about something simple as money, how Ethel always supports Lucy, how easy Lucy gets jealous when a beautiful woman gets Ricky to do something that Lucy couldn't persuade him in doing and a lot of more. You just have to see the TV show to understand what I mean. For you have surely not missed all the reruns that are going on TV, the wall calendars that can be found in any book store and that this is always talked on any TV forum on Internet? I Love Lucy will forever be an unforgotten classic, and you should be ashamed if you haven't seen the TV show... then you have missed something real big, something legendary and something that will never be forgotten.
  • Let's just say.... I Love Lucy! I always will! And everyone should watch at least ONE episode of the show. I think everyone loves Lucy!
  • I gotta say I love Lucy is the best 1950's comedy show. This show is hilarious and love a lot of episodes. If you love old classic comedy shows such as The thee Stooges then you have to watch I love Lucy. This show will never get old.
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