Ned Roden: Who are you?

Marshal Len Merrick: My name's Merrick. I'm United States Marshal here.

Ned Roden: You're new in the territory.

Marshal Len Merrick: The law isn't.

Timothy 'Pop' Keith: Put this down. 'Whereas, I hearby bequeath my homestead to my daughter... '

Billy Shear: You don't need 'whereas' and the 'hereby.'

Timothy 'Pop' Keith: Well, I'll leave that up to you. But just be sure there's enough whereases in there to make any law angler set up and take notice, huh?

Timothy 'Pop' Keith: [In the midst of singing "Down in the Valley"] I never thought I'd be singin' my way to my own trial.

Marshal Len Merrick: [Painfully listening to him continue to sing] Mister, they're trying you for the wrong crime.

Marshal Len Merrick: You're all guilty. You'll all pay.

Sam Weaver: When he buried his boy, know what he put on the marker? "Hear a father's heart lies buried." A man with no heart makes a bad enemy.

Billy Shear: If she's as good cooking as she's at ambushing, what have we got to lose?

Marshal Len Merrick: Only our lives.

Ann Keith: Justice! That's what you promised, ain't it? I told you what he'd get. Cattleman's justice! A trial in the dead of night so you could hang him quicker. Are you satisfied?

Judge Marlowe: Young woman, I can understand your anxiety for your father. But justice does not vary with the time of day. Your father can receive as fair a trial in darkness as in daylight.

Timothy 'Pop' Keith: [to Merrick] Just as long as you're conscious, I'm a goner, so I aim to make you unconscious.

Timothy 'Pop' Keith: [Last lines] You know, it's-it's frightening what can happen to a man! A law officer in the family! It's downright terrifyin'!

Marshal Len Merrick: [Seeing Dan Roden go for the gun of a sleeping deputy, he cocks his pistol and speaks authoritatively] He's asleep, but I'm not!

Marshal Len Merrick: Sorry about your son, Roden.

Ned Roden: He was worth any five men on the range. He was what I always wanted... golden in the sun... guns seemed made for his fingers. There wasn't a horse he couldn't ride or a man whose heart he couldn't win... and now he's dead - his heart smashed by a rustlers bullet.

Marshal Len Merrick: [Realizing the shooter he's struggling with is a pretty woman] Hey-hey! Kickin' won't get you anywhere - unless you're a mule.

[Noticing her physical attractiveness]

Marshal Len Merrick: I'm glad to see you're not.

Marshal Len Merrick: [Trying to treat her injuries under her pant leg with some difficulty] Sorry, but it'd be a lot easier if you wore dresses.

Ann Keith: Dresses slow yuh down!

Marshal Len Merrick: Depends on where yuh goin'.